Jimmy Fallon, Luis Fonsi, The Tonight Show

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

You've never heard "Despacito" sung like this before.

Luis Fonsi and Jimmy Fallon gave the chart-topper a hilarious, new twist by changing the lyrics on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

When asked how he wrote the song, Fonsi explained he "woke up" with the idea and started rhyming some of its key words, like "despacito," "Puerto Rico," and "ay, bandito." Fallon thought it would be fun to substitute these lyrics with other words that rhymed. So instead of singing the traditional words, the host belted out a song about Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

"Flaming Hot Cheetoh. They hurt my tummy, but I still eat though. Would be so yummy in a beef burrito. God, I hope they are considered Keto. Flaming Hot Cheeto," he crooned.

Similarly, Fonsi dropped a track about Jared Leto—with a slightly different pronunciation of the actor's last name.

"Jared Leto. All your acting choices are so neat-o. You look so handsome in a white tuxedo. I really hope you get the Oscar win repeat-o. Jared Leto," he sang.

The best part was when the dynamic duo performed a new rendition together about a tiny speedo. Watch the video to see their new takes on the song.

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