Chris Hemsworth's Reaction to Unexpected Paparazzi Is Relatable AF

Actor also opens up to Men's Health about being comfortable in his own

By Mike Vulpo Jan 30, 2019 8:17 PMTags
Chris Hemsworth, Men's HealthSteven Chee / Men's Health

Let's be clear: Chris Hemsworth is in excellent shape.

Thanks to his healthy eating habits and regular workouts, the 35-year-old has muscles and a superhero figure that anyone can be impressed with.

But when appearing in the March issue of Men's Health, the actor was asked if he ever feels pressure to maintain the body that made him so famous. His answer may just make you chuckle.

"It comes hand in hand with the roles I play, but look, occasionally you'll see paparazzi poking out of the bushes and you're like, 'How's my rig look? Am I on point, or have I slacked off lately?'" he joked to the publication. "Also, I maintain my fitness because it makes me feel better."

In fact, Chris opened up about how much he's grown in the past decade.

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"Being more comfortable in my skin. I've stopped trying to go, 'Who do I have to be? What personality do I have to shape in order to succeed?' And just going, 'Truly be yourself.' And that's when things started to change; that's when I felt happier," he shared in the issue. "I got a better response; my work got better."


Steven Chee / Men's Health

Chris continued, "It's an interesting one, to have people who inspire you, your hero—if you try to mimic that, it's just not true to yourself. You can allow them to be an inspiration on step one, I guess. But the real work is, who am I?"

Outside of the big screen, Chris recently launched a new fitness app titled Centr. And while he is hands-on with the new business, he isn't saying goodbye to movies anytime soon.

"It's about whether the story interests me, to be totally honest," he shared on whether he still wants to play "the superhero" going forward. "I grew up watching the Tom Cruise model of films that are fun, entertaining, and then squeezing in a few themes that speak to different parts of yourself, your personality, or your soul."

The March issue of Men's Health hits stands on February 12.