You Won't Believe the Random Stuff Marie Kondo Finds While Helping Jimmy Kimmel Tidy His Office

It seems Kimmel has quite a large collection of this one particular clothing item

By Chris Harnick Jan 30, 2019 2:22 PMTags
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With her Netflix series, Marie Kondo has sparked a worldwide tidying craze, inspiring people all over to clean up their homes and offices, ridding themselves of things that do not spark joy. Now, it's Jimmy Kimmel's turn.

Kondo helped the Jimmy Kimmel Live host clean up his office at his late-night show, but it wasn't without drama. You see, Kimmel had nightmares about the Tidying Up star. 
"I woke up upset because I dreamed you came in my office and started destroying my things," Kimmel told Kondo and her translator Marie Iida.

But Kondo put Kimmel's fears at ease when she said she never forces anybody to throw anything away.

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Through their tidying, Kondo discovered Kimmel's large collection of black socks. They don't spark joy per say, but he needs them for his show wardrobe. "Let's take this opportunity to express your gratitude for them," Kondo said via her translator.

"To express my gratitude to the socks? Thanks socks, for always being there in the drawer, for protecting my feet and keeping them warm and for all the other great things you do," Kimmel said.

"Perfect," Kondo said.

Then, they tackled his bookshelf, and his messy desk. "It really is more embarrassing when you stop and take a look at it," Kimmel said.

While touching all his miscellaneous items, Kimmel discovered a pair of pants, an emergency ladder for quick escape out of his office, a dead cockroach, a sculpture of his grandfather's head, his bar, and a box of Trix signed by Oran Juice Jones.

"I feel more stable emotionally now," Kimmel told Kondo.

Watch the full clip above to see what happened to the office three days later…and five days later.