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I'm happy to confirm that there’s plenty of catfighting on the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City. Not only did things kick off last week with Jill trashing Alex’s husband, Simon, in Cindy AdamsNew York Post column (she basically called him a drunk), but Alex tells me things will get rough between her and Ramona.

“You can definitely expect fireworks with me and Ramona,” McCord says. “We’ve all been thrown together in this as a dysfunctional family. We all know each other better and when you know someone better, you also know their weak spots.”


I caught up with Alex the other day from her still-under-renovation Brooklyn home to talk season two, those infamous nudie pics and lingering questions about her husband's sexuality.

Were you upset in season one by what the other Housewives had to say about your home and the way they reacted to the renovations?
I think it’s laughable that people felt the need to express an opinion about the way we're conducting our renovation. I would never dream of walking in and telling someone that they need to renovate to my timetable. It is our house, so it is our business.

One of the hardest things you probably had to deal with last season was the nude photos of you that got out there.
It wasn’t fun. But I’m one of the million people out there who have them. They exist, so what? But because of the show, someone decided that they wanted to throw them out there. Um, I wasn’t thrilled about that.

Will you ever take nude photos again?
It probably wouldn't be a very smart thing to do right now. But you know what? I did them for me. I didn’t do them for the public.

How do you get along with the new Housewife, Kelly Killeron Bensimon?
I did not have any fights with Kelly. [Laughs.] I didn’t actually see her that much. We filmed a few things together. I obviously don’t know what’s going to be shown and what’s not. But I filmed more with the others.

Which Housewife are you closest with?

Really? Even after what happened with Simon?
You have to remember that was seven months ago. There’s so much time and space between then and now. Certainly when that happened, I was livid. But we’ve gotten past it, so it’s a little weird to rehash it now.

In this season’s first episode, LuAnn refuses to drink beer from a bottle. Does she really not drink from a bottle?
I don’t think I have seen her drink from a bottle. But then again, I don’t really keep tabs on what people drink. I’m not the receptacle. [Laughs.]

There’s a lot of speculation on the show about your husband’s sexuality. How do you deal with that?
It doesn’t bother me in the least. I know who he is. And it does make me laugh that when someone is different than they are, people feel the need to put a label on that. It’s pretty silly. I can certainly say that he’s the type of guy that if he actually were gay, he’d be out and loud and proud. But it makes me laugh. It really does.

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