Jake Gyllenhaal Will Correct You If You Mispronounce "Melancholy"

The actor was quick to call out his Velvet Buzzsaw director

By Elyse Dupre Jan 29, 2019 1:59 PMTags
Jake GyllenhaalDavid Livingston/Getty Images

Don't even think about mispronouncing the word "melancholy" in front of Jake Gyllenhaal.

A video of the 38-year-old actor went viral on Monday after he called out the director of his new film Velvet Buzzsaw for butchering the word. 

The slight shade happened during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The director, Dan Gilroy, had been talking about Gyllenhaal's co-star, Rene Russo, and how "there's many sides" to her that "haven't been show on film." 

 "I wanted the world to see them: Soulful, spiritual. She has a touch of melancholy once in a while," he said, pronouncing the term like "meh-lanc-ly." 

Before Gilroy could even finish, Gyllenhaal cut him off.

"It's melancholy, Dan," the star said. 

"Oh, it's melancholy," Gilroy replied, correcting himself. "I always get that word wrong."

"That is not the first time today," Gyllenhaal added.

Fans quickly picked up on Gyllenhaal's remark and shared the video across the internet. Watch THR's tweeted clip to see the interview.

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Luckily, the Spider-Man: Far From Home star seemed able to laugh at himself and even re-shared the clip on Instagram.

Velvet Buzzsaw is available on Netflix starting Feb. 1.