Secrets From Andy Cohen's Epic Real Housewives Baby Shower: Who Wasn't Invited, Who Feuded and Who Flirted With John Mayer

We're breaking down who was invited, who was MIA and more when it came to Andy Cohen's epic baby shower, held in Beverly Hills on Saturday

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Did you feel the Earth shake on Saturday, Jan. 26?

No, it wasn't just you. And no, it wasn't an earthquake. It was something far, far more powerful: It was Real Housewives stars from all across the nation coming together to celebrate their lord and savior, Andy Cohen. Sure, we've seen a few Housewives from different cities come together in the past, and at the time, it felt like a big deal. Sort of like seeing McDonald's and Burger King hanging out together outside of a Wendy's.

"It was the Marvel superheroes all coming together under one roof," Andy, who is expecting his first baby via surrogate, said on John Mayer's Instagram Live talk show, Current Mood, on Sunday night. To which, John Mayer, Andy's BFF, added, "And imagine the Marvel superheroes all come together under one roof and John Mayer also shows up." 

But when it comes to the Housewives, John Mayer showing up to rub elbows with some of TV's most dynamic and dramatic women was far from the strangest thing to go down at the history-making event. 

Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

The basics: The Housewives-filled shower, which had a very timely "A Star Is Born" theme, was hosted by several of the franchise's OGs, with a representative from most of the major cities on the board: Kyle Richards (RHOBH), Ramona Singer (RHONY), NeNe Leakes (RHOA), Teresa Giudice (RHONJ) and Vicki Gunvalson (RHOC). 


The Palm Restaurant

"I am still speechless from today. EPIC," Andy wrote on Twitter after the party, which was held at The Palm in Beverly Hills, now considered a historical landmark. "Much love to the OG's who threw me the party of a lifetime." 


And one of the hosts agreed. 

"Listen Linda, i have been to a lot of baby showers, this was by far the BEST one I've ever given or attended! We (the OG's) wanted it to be special, different and a turn up! That's exactly what it was," NeNe wrote on Instagram

When it came to the guest list, a crucial aspect when it comes to any and all Housewives events, a source told us that two of those five OGs actually had the most control over the invites. 

"It was really Kyle and NeNe who were in charge of the guest list," a source told E! News. "They had the most say."

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Let's run down the Housewives that weren't there...and their official reasons for missing out on the extravaganza, including several OGs: 

Lisa Vanderpump, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Um, where was the Vanderpump Rules boss?! Well, she was busy being a boss, as a source told us she was in Las Vegas, hard at work prepping for the opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace later this year. 

And on SiriusXM's Radio Andy's Monday episode, Andy revealed LVP Face-Timed him during the party, saying, "You know I love you," and then reminded him she was the first person to give him a gift. 

While Andy seemed OK with LVP's absence, some of her other Housewives questioned her decision. During an interview that happened during the baby shower that was played on Radio Andy, Ramona Singer said, "She should've shown up. It's about Andy." 

Erika Girardi, Lisa's RHOBH co-star, added, "I think it would have been great if everyone would have shown up." 

Bethenny Frankel, The Real Housewives of New York City: The Skinnygirl mogul's absence definitely generated the most buzz among Housewives fans, given her close friendship with Andy, so B took to Twitter to explain. 

She also expressed her sadness over missing the event on Instagram. 

LuAnn de Lesseps: The show must go on...even the Countess' cabaret, Countess and Friends, which kept her from attending. But she handled the situation with class and grace, posting this meme on Instagram, before posting the epic group photo. "Look at all the aunties this baby has! What a great looking crowd!" she wrote. "@bravoandy you will be a great dad!" (Elegance truly is learned!)

Kelly Dodd, The Real Housewives of Orange County: Though she was on a skiing trip in Aspen, Kelly made sure to take to social media to congratulate Andy/make it known she was invited. Alas, Lil Wayne needed a ski instructor, it seems!

Kandi Burruss, The Real Housewives of Atlanta: She's currently under house arrest... Celebrity Big Brother house arrest, that is.

Patrick Ecclesine/Bravo

Melissa Gorga, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: While Teresa's sister-in-law didn't officially comment on why she was MIA, she posted on Instagram from her daughter's cheerleading competition in Dallas. As we know, it's family first when it comes to the NJ crew.

Tinsley Mortimer, The Real Housewives of New York City: The socialite is currently in Palm Beach, where she is spending the winter. While she was invited to the soiree, she opted to stay put, a source told E! News. 

Cary Dueber, The Real Housewives of Dallas: She didn't address her absence, but she posted on Instagram that was on a girls' retreat at Mii amo in Sedona, Arizona. 

Porsha Williams, The Real Housewives of Atlanta: On Radio Andy, Andy revealed Porsha is too far along in her pregnancy to travel.

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Other current Housewives who were MIA: The Real Housewives of Atlanta  Shamari DeVoe, who has yet to address her absence. Also MIA? The Real Housewives of Potomac's Monique Samuels, who welcomed her third child in November 2018, and The Real Housewives of Dallas star D'Andra Simmons, who did grab dinner with new RHOC star Emily Simpson (who was present at the shower) in Newport Beach, Calif., posting a photo on Instagram on the same day of the event. 

Real Housewives of Miami Cast: LOL.

Real Housewives of D.C. Cast: LMAO.


Non-Housewives Bravo talent that earned a coveted invitation? Flipping Out stars Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, which could've lead to a potentially awkward situation. While Jenni attended, Jeff was out of town, but if would've RSVP'd yes, Andy told Kyle Richards she would have to handle it, given the former friends/co-stars falling out and Jenni's abuse claims

As for why stars from other Bravo series, like Vanderpump Rules and Shahs of Sunset, which are both set in Los Angeles, as well as Southern Charm, Below Deck and others, were not included on the guest list, a source insisted to E! News it wasn't a was just logistics.

"Keeping it to mostly Housewives only helped keep the guest list under control. The issue with inviting other shows is, if you invite one, you have to invite them all," the insider explained. "So if they invited the Vanderpump Rules cast, for example, they'd have to invite all the Shahs of Sunset. Housewives is Andy's baby and most of them are mothers and it just made the most sense."

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Surprise Attendees: Though the guest list was mostly kept to current Housewives, a few exceptions were made. 

Phaedra Parks: The former RHOA star was included on the guest list, despite her dramatic exit from the franchise in 2017.

At the time, Andy told us, "The question that we look at now with Phaedra is, when the reunion ended, none of the other women wanted to have anything to do with her. So that's what you have to look at," he said. "How do you shoot a show about a group of friends when no one is speaking to one of the friends?" 


That's clearly changed, as Phaedra was spotted hanging with her former cast members (of course, Kandi and Porsha were NOT there), and NeNe said on WWHL she's hoping to see her friend get her Peach back next season...and maybe Kenya Moore, too.

"The door is open for Kenya and Phaedra in my world," she said.

Marlo Hampton: The fan-favorite friend of The Real Housewives of Atlanta wasn't technically invited, as she is not a full-blown cast member, but NeNe brought her as a surprise, Andy revealed on his SIRIUSXM radio show on Monday.

Danielle Staub: While not a full-time cast member of RHONJ, the headline-making friend of the Housewives was in attendance. However, we've learned she was initially not invited, only to have Andy then personally extend an invitation (after reading a Page Six story in his Uber on the way to the event, naturally), admitting on his radio show there were "complications" regarding her invite. She demands respect!

Hot Gossip 

On his SIRIUSXM radio show, Radio Andy, Andy came through and delivered some juicy nuggets of info. 

The cast to arrive late? The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies, with Andy saying, "When Nene, Cynthia [Bailey] and Marlo arrived, they shut the room down just with their entrance." He later added, "There were gasps" when they arrived.

He also named Cynthia, who rocked a bright yellow suit, as the best dressed attendee. 

As for the newer casts, like Dallas and Potomac, Andy admitted they seemed happy to be invited and "a little bit in awe" of the more seasoned cast members. "They respected the queens." (Still, when RHOD star LeAnne Locken called in to Live From E! on Monday, she did admit, "You could definitely see some egos!")

While a source told us, "It so much fun for the different cast members to hang drama," with RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp also telling a fan on Instagram Stories that there was no drama and all of the Housewives "were there having the time of our lives," it seems like there might be some tension following the shower...with Andy revealing one fight.


On his radio show, Andy revealed RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley and Camille Grammer were arguing at one point, but ever the producer, Andy advised, "Ladies, shut it down, save it for the reunion."

But that might not be the only feud that was put on ice that night. 

On Watch What Happens Live, NeNe revealed she might have issues with a Housewife from another city. "I'd like to go head to head with another Housewife," she said. "Probably Lisa Rinna." Hey, at least she owned it! But does this mean something went down at the shower? 

Who won the dance-off, hosted by Lisa Rinna, who infamously stood on the table, grabbed the mic and yelled, "Dance like your f--king life depends on it!" She then ordered them all to dance for Andy because he "paid for your life." WHERE IS THE LIE?

But this could be where her new feud with NeNe began, as she also singled out the RHOA star, saying, "That means you, f--king NeNe Leakes." 

Still, aside from a couple of flare-ups, Andy said on Radio Andy, "There were not many beefs, I have to say." 

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Of course, given that the majority of the attendees were Housewives, John Mayer's presence raised a lot of eyebrows...and we're sure more than one Bravo star tried to make a move on the musician. Or maybe he made a move on one of them? It depends on who you ask. 

On his Instagram Live talk show, John recounted a conversation he had with Teddi Mellencamp (or maybe it was RHOD star Kameron Westcott? He wasn't sure at first!), during which he asked her if she was in a relationship. "'Well, I'm currently married,'" is how John said she answered the question. "And I thought, that's such a Housewife answer."

Andy called John out for sort of putting Teddi and saying she was "madly in love with her husband," Edwin Arroyave, and the accountability coach didn't stay silent for long. 

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

On her Instagram Stories, Teddi clarified her interaction with the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" singer. 

"He asked each one of us if we were married. I said. Yes. We are Housewives and then someone yelled out. Some of us are divorced and I said. I am not, I am currently married and have kids." She then tagged Andy and John, saying, "nice try." 

Aside from Teddi, John did have an interesting conversation with Kameron Westcott, according to LeAnne.

"There was a moment when he was talking to Kam and he was explaining how he preferred Texas girls over California girls because we just take better care of ourselves," she spilled on Live From E!, going on to say he went into specifics about personal grooming he preferred. "I said, 'OK, I'm out!'"she said of the conversation. 

Aside from those totally normal dinner table conversations, Andy also said John quizzed some of the OGs, including Vicki Gunvalson, on an array of topics. 

Stars Who Feuded With Real Housewives

While a few other celebs were in attendance, like Housewives super-fans Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, they were not included in the Housewives class photo shared around the Internet...but John is, wedged in between Kyle Richards and The Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge

How lucky is he to be included in such a milestone moment? Well, it seems John, who clarified he was in fact invited to the event, is losing some sleep over his inclusion, as he realized after there wasn't a photo of just, you know, the Housewives. 

The Palm Restaurant

"I felt really badly," he said on his talk show. "I wanted other people to know that I didn't assume that I should've been in that photo, but I have a plan. The only way to make that photo no longer worry me is if I somehow make it into the Housewives universe and then it will be a photo of all Housewives."

But Andy pointed that he already had inserted himself into it, thanks to revealing his alleged conversation with Teddi, with the Watch What Happens Live host claiming he was going to address it at the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, set to film in a few months.  

A few other classic moments? Documented by John Mayer on his Instagram Stories, Ramona fell off the table while dancing, and according to Andy, at the end of the shower, Tamra flashed her boobs at Andy and Jerry by pulling down the top part of her jumpsuit, officially turning this into Housewives. Gone. Wild. 

The Palm Restaurant

And it looks like we might get even more answers to some of these questions soon, as well as more scoop, as Andy revealed on Twitter: "By the way, we did a @RadioAndySXM special from inside the baby shower. It's unbelievable. Will let you know soon when it's airing." He later revealed the episode will air on Friday, Feb. 1.

Can someone let the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots know they can just go home and not bother with their game on Sunday, as the Super Bowl that matters has already happened? 

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