Hit Or a Miss? Here's Where the Dating #NoFilter Couples Stand Now

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Was it a match made in heaven?

Love can form in the oddest of circumstances, so viewers tuning into Dating #NoFilter might actually see a potential match blossom before their very eyes. However, as comedians Zach Noe Towers, Rocky Dale Davis, Kelsey Darragh, Cara Connors, Ben Bizuneh, Ben Evans and Nightly Pop's Nina Parker know firsthand, anything is possible on these blind dates.

Between the cameras, the commentary and the many OMG moments, you may be wondering if any of the couples found success on Dating #NoFilter! Don't fret, we've got a romantic update for all of the pairings.

For the results on how each date ended up, be sure to sneak a peek at the scorecards below!

Dating #NoFilter: Couples Scorecard
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Mallory & Mazen

U.S. Navy veteran Mazen (27, personal trainer) pulled out all the stops during his date with Mallory (23, nanny), who was shocked to learn about his previous marriage and divorce over dinner. The kiss he planted on her cheek at the end of the night felt equally unexpected, but Mazen was obviously smitten and Mallory was game to give him another chance. "I definitely see him as a friend but I'd like to go on a second date to get a better feel," she told the cameras.


Kyle & Charles

Kyle (28, entrepreneur) and Charles (25, marketing manager) kicked off their blind meetup with an adventurous round of sand sledding, but the two agreed to cut short their subsequent dinner engagement after awkward small talk rubbed them both the wrong way. 

Daria & Allison

All Daria (27, cinematographer) and Allison (25, fashion designer) want this holiday season is each other! Sparks flew immediately when the former blind dater invited her match to a "photo shoot" starring a group of puppies donning festive garb. After getting cozy around a bonfire later on, the two agreed to see each other again. It's been months since then, and they're still together!

Monica & Adam

Monica (30, food blogger) and Adam (26, personal trainer) broke the ice during a chilly round of bumper cars, when the latter single spontaneously ditched his own contraption to share a seat with his date. Ultimately, it seemed like Monica was in the market for a steady relationship, and Adam wasn't on the same page.

Adam & Reante

No love match here! Things started out rough when Adam (26, writer) brought vegan/vegetarian Reante (28, packaging employee) to a sausage making class. Even though the twosome had fun dancing a little during dinner, they decided to just be friends.

Gabriella & Daniel

Gabriella (27, life coach) and Daniel (27, fitness instructor)'s first date started out strong thanks to a fun paddle boat outing. Despite bonding over a love of spinning, the duo couldn't connect at dinner.

Josh & Govind

Even though Josh (27, photographer) planned an inflatable obstacle course date and accidentally kicked Govind (32, brand ambassador) in the ribs, the pair hit it off at dinner and agreed to hang out again!

Haley & Nathan

Haley (26, wedding photographer) was so impressed by Nathan's (27, personal trainer) '80s-themed pizza-making date, it almost didn't matter that both singles are definitely lactose intolerant. The pair made plans to meet up again after enjoying dinner and dessert cross-legged on a tabletop Sixteen Candles style. 

Devin & Lauryn

Devin (32, hair model) and Lauryn (31, professional dog walker) were in sync during interpretive dance class, but things fizzled out over breakfast-for-dinner. Lauryn thought Devin was a "cool person," though!

Joy & Hannah

Joy (22, freelance cinematographer) and Hannah (24, cinema attendant) seemed to hit it off during couples vagina steaming—yes, a real thing!—but Hannah told her date point-blank after drinks and dinner that she'd rather just be friends. 

Gregorio & Jamison

Although Gregorio (25, healthcare administrator) didn't love Jamison (37, improv coach)'s car washing date, a romantic picnic overlooking Los Angeles turned things around. In fact, the twosome's date ended in a kiss!

Jolie & Charles

After attending a rapping class together and grabbing some sweet treats, Charles (28, sales rep) though his date with Jolie (23, brand ambassador) "went pretty well." However, Jolie felt a little differently. "He's just a bit too much for me personally so I will probably ghost him," she admitted. Harsh, girl!

Chris & Denae

Chris (33, analyst) and Denae's (23, waitress) date was awkward from start to finish. During twerking class, he called her mom hot and wouldn't stop talking about booties. "He can't stop talking about people's asses...that really bothers me," a disgusted Denae said after their bust of a date.

Sakoiya & Mayowa

Sakoiya (22, professional cheerleader) and Mayowa (24, musician) started their date with a cheerleading lesson and ended it with an intense (and hilarious!) talk about Mayowa's "dick size." Despite the dirty talk, these two were definitely feeling each other and decided to hang out again. "Mayowa was such a good time. There definitely will be a second date," Sakoiya said. "I think there's a great future between Mayowa and I."

Abby & Jewel

Abby (26, swag maker) was shocked (to say the least) when Jewel (28, spiritual advisor) brought her to a BDSM dungeon for some spanking on their date. And over dinner, Jewel continued to reveal her eccentric personality by talking about her experiences penetrating men and her fondness for sexual "dental play." In the end, these two agreed they're better off as friends. "I think you're really freaking cool but I don't think we have chemistry in that way," Abby told Jewel, who happily agreed.

Kourbine & Claire

Kourbine (23, day trader) and Claire (26, server) had such a good time on their juggling date that they decided they didn't want their day to end. After grabbing a food truck lunch, Kourbine invited Claire to a nearby hookah lounge for some more quality time together. "I'm into him," Claire said. "I'm really interested to see what happens next."

Callahan & Melissa

Melissa (32, server) thought Callahan (36, military vet) wasn't her type at first, but his upbeat personality and goofy demeanor won her over and they were laughing pretty much their entire date. We definitely see a second date in their future. "I can't believe what a good time I had," Melissa gushed at the end of the day.

Alaia & Shane

Alaia (26, entrepreneur) and Shane's (24, model) date started off on rocky waters, figuratively and literally! They just didn't seem to be vibing and when Shane revealed he never wants to get married, Alaia officialy friend-zoned him for life. "He's cute for someone, but he's not the one for me," she said at the end of the day.

Akemi & Alex

Akemi (28, activist) definitely surprised Alex (27, DJ) with her kooky personality and mystical beliefs (plus, the fact that she's never dated a woman before and she's "partially in the closet" ). In the end, Alex thought Akemi was sweet and "dope," "but to date, I don't think we're really compatible."

Erica & Maliachi

Erica (30, server) and Maliachi (27, model) started their date off strong by painting a penis naked male model. Later on, during dinner, they moved on to equally risqué topics like threesomes and sexual fantasies. Ultimately, she thought he was a "sweetheart" but a little immature after he tried and failed to plant a goodnight kiss on her lips.

Alex & Elijah

Alex's (27, entrepreneur) loud and over-the-top personality had Elijah (26, geologist) in stitches during their romantic dinner (she took her Invisalign out over salad!), but he failed her dealbreaker when he admitted he isn't into Christianity. Despite their religious differences, the duo definitely had fun together but aren't sure their relationship will get more serious than friendship.

Taylor & Lam

Taylor (26, makeup artist) and Lam (29, bud-tender) both agreed their date went "great" after getting tattoos and bonding over dinner, but Taylor admitted that she thinks it's a little too soon to meet Lam's mother (he stills lives with his parents).

William & Andrew

Crop top enthusiast William (25, fashion designer) charmed Andrew (27, product manager) with his eccentric style, but their ropes course date was another story! Luckily, Andrew was there to catch William (literally and metaphorically) and they ended their date with drinks and a big kiss! We see a second date in these guys' futures.

Solomon & Maya

After getting flirty while making chocolate together, Solomon (27, construction worker) and Maya (28, hospitality) were both on the same page when it came time to say goodbye with a steamy makeout session. Maya even warned other woman to back off her man...seems like Maya is all in for a full-on relationship already!

David & Tyrone

David (30, flight attendant) and Tyrone (27, fitness coach) had a blast while getting sweaty and steamy during their acrobatics date. Later, they grabbed a meal of sausages (and took shots!) but eventually decided to remain just friends. "Aside from us being gay, we literally have nothing in common," David joked.

Lexi & Shaun

After an awkward ice skating date and dinner, Lexi (25, entrepreneur) and Shaun (27, private security) confirmed what they thought from the beginning: they just aren't each other's types. "Lexi came off a bit more materialistic than what I'm used to and I wish her the best," Shaun recounted at the end of the day.

Maury & Daniel

Maury (24, dancer & yoga instructor) and Daniel (28, active military) saw sparks flying from the beginning of their safari wine tour. And later, while enjoying a romantic dinner, they sealed their date with a kiss! We can totally see a second and third date in their future.

Alex & Harmony

Alex (26, waitress) and Harmony (28, location scout) were like oil and water when it came to chemistry (and when Harmony made fun of Alex for never having seen the movie Ghost, we all cringed). Don't count on these two ever seeing each other again.

Danny & Courtney

Danny (23, puppeteer) made a risky move by bringing puppets on his park date with Courtney (26, leasing agent), but it worked out and the duo had a good laugh. But later when they went for drinks, Danny had an existential meltdown after a few cocktails and he decided he needed to work on himself before going on any more dates.

Ross & Alex

Good-looking twosome Ross (29, bartender) and Alex (25, finance) definitely had chemistry and "really connected" on their date. They even exchanged phone numbers and both said they wanted to hang out again. Success!

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