Very Cavallari's Kristin Cavallari & Kelly Henderson's Wild, Fun & Tequila-Filled Friendship

By Johnni Macke Feb 18, 2019 4:00 PMTags

Tequila is a girl's best friend! Or maybe it's friends who drink tequila quickly become best friends? 

OK, that's definitely not the saying, but in the case of Very Cavallari stars Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson their friendship has grown through laughs, trust and tequila!

In 2018, fans were introduced to The Hills alum's Nashville BFF, Henderson, on the new E! reality show Very Cavallari, but their friendship isn't new. In fact, the duo has been posting photos with one another and going on girls' trips as far back as 2013.

Their friendship is fun to say the least and consists of lots of laughter, vacations to tropical locations like Cabo and mountainous areas like Montana, and frequently includes a good night out on the town with tequila in tow.

These two love their tequila talks and BFF hangs almost as much as they love each other and that's why we are such big fans of them.

Kristin Cavallari's Best Reality TV Moments Ahead of Her Very Cavallari Premiere

With Very Cavallari returning for its second season on March 3, we've been reliving a lot of the best memories from season one and not surprisingly a lot of them involve Cavallari and Henderson getting goofy and having each other's backs.

They are often seen going to bars and talking about couples who can't stop making out or giggling about Henderson's Canadian love interest and we really want to make this duo into a trio with us as the third wheel, duh.

Since we have a few more weeks to wait until we get to see Cavallari and Henderson's shenanigans back on our TV screens, why not look back at their greatest BFF moments from social media to tide you over? Sounds like a win-win to us!

Now all you need to do is grab yourself "The Double K" which according to the Laguna Beach alum is tequila blanco, limes, soda and jalapeños, and start scrolling.

Warning: you will get some serious FOMO, want to go to Nashville ASAP and perhaps want to call your BFF as you read along. For the record we support all of those reactions!

Getting Into Trouble

"When someone asks what I did over the weekend, I squint and ask 'Why, what did you hear?'" Kristin Cavallari's BFF Kelly Henderson captioned this bestie snap.


Cavallari has always loved Cabo, so why not bring along her best friends including Henderson this time?


To kick off the new year, Cavallari and Henderson grabbed their squad and headed to Mexico!

Love & Laughs

"Love these girls so much ❤️," Henderson wrote in January 2019.

Party People

Even before this crew left for Mexico they were having a blast together.

What Happens in Nashville...

Nashville, the city that never sleeps...err, wait, that's New York. Whatever.

Model Muses

Wait, your best friends aren't on your reality show? That's strange!

Palm Springs Getaway

In November 2018, the Very Cavallari stars hung out in Palm Springs with their closest pals.

Road Tripping

Traffic in Los Angeles is a little more bearable with your best friend by your side.

Legs for Days

Take notes ladies, these are both party and power outfits!

Nashville Adventures

Fall in Nashville means picking pumpkins with your (gourd)geous besties.

Third Wheelin'

"Family photo," Cavallari captioned this adorable trio photo.

Partner in Crime

Working hard, or hardly working?

Backyard Besties

Tequila with your bestie is always a good idea...especially if you don't have to leave your house!


These ladies know what's up...with their red solo cups.


Laughter is the best medicine, which Cavallari and Henderson prove time and time again.

Ride or Die


Mountain (Wo)men

Who says girls can't get down and dirty while enjoying the great outdoors?

Sleeping Beauties

Napping on a net in Tulum, Mexico after sipping on tequila all day? Sounds like the perfect day to us.

Beach Babes

Girls' trips are our favorite kind of trips.

Tequila Twins

Friends who drink tequila out on the town, are the best kind of friends.

New Year, Same Friends

Cavallari and Henderson soaked up some sun in Miami to celebrate New Year's Eve in 2017 and we are officially jealous of their BFF adventures.

Boats & Besties

No matter where you celebrate, NYE should always include sparkles...and lots of them.

Buddy System

In the event of an emergency, grab your best friend and hold her tight.

Club Craziness

Getting the VIP treatment.

Mean Muggin

"Goes to Montana once," Cavallari captioned this sassy photo in Montana in summer 2017.

Tee Pee Time

This dynamic duo got really into the wilderness spirit while adventuring through Montana in July of 2017.

Yacht Party

"When someone says scream, but you are the only one who does... #velvetsedge #imonaboat #puntamita," Henderson captioned this fun boat picture from January 2017.

Napa No-No

In 2015, Cavallari and Henderson went on a girls' trip to Napa, California for wine tasting, but the reality series guru was pregnant with her daughter Saylor, so she stuck to water all weekend!

'80s Party Pals

Back in 2013, Cavallari and Henderson danced '80s style with their longtime friend Stephanie Biegel proving their friendship can make it through anything...even neon.

With all these fun BFF moments so far, we are officially ready to watch season two of Very Cavallari next month!