Busted Balls, Sex Talk & More! Dating #NoFilter's Top OMG Moments Will Literally Make You Laugh Out Loud!

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First dates are rarely easy…just ask the couples from Dating #NoFilter!

However, most first dates don't come with a camera crew and hilarious commentary provided by Zach Noe Towers, Rocky Dale Davis, Kelsey Darragh, Cara Connors, Ben Bizuneh, Ben Evans and Nightly Pop's Nina Parker. Thankfully, E!'s new blind date watch party provides all of this and more.

Between a failed Ghost re-enactment and an ice skating escapade from hell, Dating #NoFilter offers up many LOL-worthy moments and we couldn't be more grateful. In fact, these onscreen romantic outings will likely have you shouting "Oh my god!" by the end of the episode. Don't believe us?

Relive all the laughable moments for yourself in the snaps below!

Dating #NoFilter's OMG Moments!
Carol of the Bad Dates

Not long after Adam described himself as single and "ready to jingle," the 26-year-old personal trainer performed a lengthy strip tease to the tune of "Jingle Bells" (he was singing) at dinner. Needless to say, his date—who was pretty clear about her intent to take the physical stuff slow—wasn't interested.


Thanks to Daria's blind date idea (a Christmas-themed photo shoot with puppies in sweaters!), she and Allison hit it off right away. Months after their first kiss on camera, the two are still together!


Daniel was definitely flustered when Gabriella told him she was a "witch" over dinner. Her comments came after he'd just recounted a story about an ex who said the same thing, so either Daniel's date was messing with him or he has an interesting type.


Yikes! Adam grew up on a farm and invited Reante to a sausage making class because he thought it'd be fun. Reante, a committed vegetarian/vegan, did not agree. "I'm disgusted," he vlogged just after arriving. "The fact that I'm standing here in this factory is really upsetting me."


Josh and Govind were both noticeably shocked to learn they'd be starting their date inside a giant inflatable cylinder meant to function like some kind of human-sized hamster wheel, but fully unhinged. This was before they stepped into matching "bubble suits" and were tasked with slamming into each other until just one of them was left standing.

Hidden Talents

Josh can put his whole fist in his mouth. Want to see?

Make a Wish!

In the spirit of John Hughes movies, Nathan surprised Haley with a tiramisu cake (lit candles and all) to finish off their blind date. 

Nice to Feet You

For part one of their blind date, Devin invited Lauryn to an interpretive dance class involving lots of foot-to-foot touching. She was a good sport about it, though.

Up Close & Personal

Ever heard of vagina steaming? Neither had Hannah! But she and Joy still managed to laugh their way through this very nontraditional first meeting. 

Hot Mama

Chris brought Denae to a twerking class for their date and it wasn't long before they were gyrating on all fours. Things got super awkward when Chris complimented her "awesome" booty and then stated about her mother, "I bet you she's hot too, then." GROSS!

Bend Over

Free spirit Jewel brought Abby to a BDSM dungeon for some sexual spanking. A little much for a first date?

Returning the Favor

Abby also took her turn spanking Jewel.


Ever heard of sexual "dental play"? Neither has Abby! And needless to say she was shocked when Jewel revealed her fondness for getting off on people's mouths. Oh, she also loves penetrating men in the bedroom.


Callahan decided to show Melissa his "terrible magic trick" over a nice meal. Cut to him pulling out a long inflated balloon from his zipper! At least he seems excited over the date...her, not so much.

Champagne Showers

During her yacht date with Shane, Alaia slipped into a skimpy bikini and "accidentally" spilled champagne all over her boobs. Rough current?

Nip Slip

Her right nipple also made an appearance.

Wardrobe Malfunction

And later during dinner, her left nipple came out to say "hi."

Zap, Zap

You know it's not a good date when it ends with the girl pulling out her trusty taser!

Derby Dolls

Akemi took a hard spill during her roller derby date with Alex. That's gonna leave a mark!

Plant Passion

"Is she on mushrooms right now?" Akemi really became one with nature during her and Alex's lunch date.

"Mindfull Eating"

She also let out sensual moans over a plate of potatoes.

Penis Painting

Getting naked on the first date isn't unheard of, but Erica and Maliachi got a different kind of eyeful while painting a nude male model on their date.

Damsel in Distress

During their ropes course date, William had a lot of trouble staying on the beam (LOL!). Luckily, Andrew was there to catch his crop-top-loving date.

Get to the Bottom of It

William's clumsiness didn't phase Andrew. After confirming which of them is a top and which is a bottom, they ended their day with a sweet kiss and vowed to go on a second date.

Flirt Fest

Maya and Solomon took flirting to the max during dinner and chocolate making. By the end of their date, they couldn't keep their hands or lips off each other.

Ball Buster

During David and Tyrone's aerobics class, David literally busted his workout ball, shocking him and his date. Can you say, "Embarrassing?!"

Abs-olutely Fabulous

After getting hot and sweaty during their workout, the duo took off their shirts and David immediately got handsy with his date. No shyness here!

Get Low

Oh, and David couldn't wait to show off his signature dance move. Cool moves, Dave!


During their post-workout date at a sausage restaurant (seriously!), David got the party started by suggesting he and Tyrone do multiple shots (look ma, no hands!). That's one way to get the juices flowing...

Ice Capades

Lexi and Shaun's date was awkward from the get-go, but taking some ice-skating tumbles helped break the ice (literally!).

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