Sarah Paulson Has Not Seen Bird Box Yet?!

The actress starred at the beginning of the wildly popular Netflix movie.

By Samantha Schnurr Jan 18, 2019 5:20 PMTags
Sarah Paulson, Bird BoxYouTube

80 million homes have streamed Netflix's Bird Box—but Sarah Paulson's wasn't one of them. 

During her interview on The Late Show on Thursday night, the Golden Globe-winning actress revealed to host Stephen Colbert that, unlike thousands around the world, she has yet to see the wildly popular movie she briefly appeared in that was released on the streaming service last month. 

"I haven't seen it," she admitted to Colbert. "I'm like the one person on planet Earth who hasn't seen the movie."

As for why!?, it's quite simple. "I don't watch anything I do ever," Paulson noted. "Not since People v. O.J."

In disbelief, the host wondered if that meant she hadn't seen her other standout performances, like her one in The Post. "I did not see me in The Post," she confirmed. 

For fans who have not yet seen Netflix's highly discussed film, Paulson plays Jessica, whose younger sister (played by Sandra Bullock) is pregnant. On their way home from a checkup appointment, a mysterious entity takes power over Jessica and she demonstrates the symptoms of other people who have been affected in the town. We'll leave it at that for those who, like Paulson, have yet to watch. 

As for the film's success, the actress has one person to point to. 

"I probably think it has a lot to do with Sandra Bullock being in it because she's so good," Paulson complimented her Ocean's 8 co-star. 

Well, if she ever changes her mind about watching, the movie is just one click away.