Survivor Eliminee Kat Gets Candid: Talks Shoplifting Arrest—and the Secret of Kim's Mustache!

Reality star dished about her tribemate

By Drusilla Moorhouse May 03, 2012 11:14 PMTags
Kat Edorsson, SURVIVOR, ONE WORLDMonty Brinton/CBS

UPDATE: The legal battles for Kat Edorsson have seemingly come to an end as the charges stemming from her November arrest have been dropped, E! News has learned.

Believe it or not, her shocking exit from Survivor: One World wasn't Kat's first blindside.

In November 2010, the reality show's latest eliminee was arrested for shoplifting at a Macy's.

So which experience was more traumatic? Survivor's ditzy blond opened up about her dark past—and that dark shadow on tribemate Kim's upper lip…

Although viewers enjoyed one of the reality show's most gratifying blindsides to date, Kat, 22, admitted to us she was "completely destroyed and baffled" by her tribemates' betrayal—minutes after she obliviously told host Jeff Probst how "funny" and "exciting"

"Watching it last night brought me back to that horrible place," she told us. "I felt so hurt me so bad. I was completely shocked."

She had the same reaction 18 months ago, when she was busted at her local mall for trying to steal a $108 jacket

"I would compare [the arrest and the blindside] on the same level," Kat admitted. "They are mistakes I will always have to live with for the rest of my life…I've never felt that low for both of those things, I felt just completely embarrassed and humiliated for both. Again all you can do is smile and grow and learn from your mistakes and keep on keeping on."

For the record, the jacket she tried to steal was not a hoodie.

Of her Tribal Council tough-girl outerwear, Kat laughed: "My hair was insane," "I figured I might as well look like a G and have my hood up and be completely gangsta about it."

But Kat's signature style has nothing on the phenomenon known as Kim's mustache.

"She is a beautiful goddess, but she has a tendency to grow a full-on 'stache," laughed the straight shooter. "She's very aware of the 'stache, and me and her and all of us joke about it all the time. [Starting] on the first day we got there, she said, 'Oh my God, my mustache is going to get so bad!' I was like, It's OK. Everybody's got their face, everyone's got their weaknesses…

"Everybody looked crazy, but Kim's phenomenon with her 'stache is truly something that hasn't been missed. I think she's incredible with or without the 'stache."

—Additional reporting by Baker Machado and Sharareh Drury

Were you sad to see Kat go, or are you rooting for Kim's 'stache to take the title of Sole Survivor?