The Industry Secret Behind Normani's Red Carpet Eyebrows

Celeb brow expert Giselle Soto reveals how to stay camera-ready between appointments

By Alanah Joseph Feb 08, 2019 1:00 PMTags
ESC: NormaniSteve Granitz/WireImage

To be camera-ready, your eyebrows need to be in top shape.

They frame your face and enhance your look. However, keeping those the fast-growing hair in order and maintaining a shape that works for your face can be a grueling practice, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Cue Giselle Soto, the brow specialist behind Normani Kordei, Nazanin MandiAlina Baraz and Ryan Destiny's perfect arches.

"Most of the time my clients request their eyebrows to be shaped anywhere from the day of to about three to four days before the red carpet event," she told E! News. "My clients come to me for my expertise in eyebrow shaping and fill in their eyebrows.  Even with clients that have make up artists on staff, will still request for me to handle the makeup on their eyebrows."

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With the hectic schedules of many of her clients, however, she can't always be there to perfect their brows prior to events. Thus, the beauty pro shared her advice to maintaining the shape if you can't make it to your pro.

"In between sessions, I suggest that they keep the eyebrow hairs brushed up, utilize castor oil to help keep the hair healthy and keep a great brow gel," she said.

For brow gel, the pro continued, "Make sure when choosing the right color to use for you, always chose a color that is one shade lighter than your actual skin color," calling Gimme Brow Gel by Benefit Cosmetics as her go-to.

Beyond these tips, the former Fifth Harmony star actually has a special routine that's fit for her very full brows: "Normani comes in every two weeks for service. She is a 'tweeze-only' client for eyebrow shaping because of sensitive skin. She has very full eyebrows that does not require a make up fill in. After brow shaping, if anything, we apply a light coat of brow gel."

Pretty simple, right?