Jazz Jennings Hosts a ''Farewell to Penis'' Party Before Gender Confirmation Surgery

The TLC star and her family plan the perfect goodbye ahead of her procedure

By Cydney Contreras Jan 15, 2019 8:57 PMTags

Jazz Jennings loves nothing more than making her dad uncomfortable, so of course she is loving the idea of a "farewell to penis" party. 

In a sneak peek of I Am Jazz, Jazz's mom comes up with the perfect way to diffuse the stress surrounding her daughter's upcoming gender confirmation surgery. They are going to host a "farewell to penis"party!

"I wanna do this party, because I want to have fun with the idea that jazz is having surgery," Jeanette Jennings explains. "This is not fun. There's nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine."

Jazz's dad, on the other hand, isn't as excited about the idea and he hopes Jazz isn't either. He describes himself as "more low-key" but their plans for a phallus cake and piñata are definitely the complete opposite of his ideal party. 

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Which makes Jazz even more pumped to host the fiesta. She says, "I love making my dad uncomfortable and if this penis party is going to do just that, then we've gotta have a penis party."


She even throws out a few of her own ideas for the festivities. "Maybe I should write a little eulogy to my penis," Jazz shares.

It will also celebrate the transition from calling her penis "caterpillar" to calling her vagina "butterfly," which is fitting for the upcoming gender confirmation surgery. 

To see more of Jazz's journey check out I Am Jazz when it premieres on Tues. Jan. 15 at 10/9 c.