90 Day Fiancé "Tell All" Part 2: Divorce Talk, Colt and Larissa Get Candid and More

Find out what happened in the second part of the show's end-of-season episode

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90 Day Fiancé's explosive "Tell All" wrapped up with fighting couples, divorce talk, and many people mocking Larissa's accent.

During the second half of the reunion, Colt and Larissa continued their feud with Jonathan and Fernanda, Ashley pondered the status of her marriage to Jay, Steven and Eric got into it about Eric's treatment of Tasha (who appeared via satellite), and so much more happened.

TLC also assembled the couples (separately) for a post-"Tell All" chat where some got the chance to right some wrongs and others responded to comments said behind their backs.

90 Day Fiancé Couples: Who's Still Together?

Find out who was the most dramatic couple below. The reunion was filmed prior to the recent events and divorce filing between Colt and Larissa.

LEAST DRAMATIC: Steven and Olga

Nothing really went down with Steven and Olga. Steven said he should've apologized to Olga during an interview following the "Tell All" taping. That's about it.

Kalani and Asuelu

Asuelu danced for the cast and remained united with Kalani. He said despite the old footage, he wasn't mad at her.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Another relatively drama-free couple here. They were a united front while sparring with Colt and Larissa, as well as during an interview four weeks after taping. However, after taping the two split up.

Eric and Leida

Eric's daughter Tasha appeared via satellite and revealed she doesn't have a relationship with her father anymore. The three of them went back and forth, with Eric saying he wants an apology for both the mess she made that set Leida off and for insinuating that some of the mess was Eric's during an appearance on the 90 Day after-show. The rest of the cast had a lot to say about Eric and his relationship with Tasha, but nobody seemed to get through to him. Steven said Eric reminded him of his mother and urged him to remedy the fractured relationship, but later Eric called Steven a snowflake.

"None of his kids went to his wedding. Does't that say something?" Steven said in a post-"Tell All" interview.

Colt and Larissa

After screaming at just about every couple, Colt and Larissa calmed down and let people say their piece.

They went back and forth with Jonathan and Fernanda many times, but the most dramatic moments happened when Colt's mother Debbie revealed to them in front of everyone that she was close to moving out.

When one of Larissa's arrests was brought up, Colt said he does fear Larissa will be deported, but can't talk about the arrest.

After the "Tell All" taping, cameras followed Colt and Larissa to their hotel where they made some revealing statements.

"I wish you would just stop, relax and think about what you're doing." Colt told her in the hotel.

"I love my wife, but she has a bark on her to be sure, maybe if she was more reserved and patient, things would have not escalated much. But Larissa is Larissa," he later added.

"My relationship with Colt is complicated. We have a lot of struggles and now we have to face some situations that is really hard for us," Larissa said.

Regarding her future and the charges against her, Larissa said, "I'm really scared, deathly afraid."

MOST DRAMATIC: Ashley and Jay

While they didn't have much drama during the second half of the "Tell All" (they touched on her former best friend Natalie), Ashley continued to make comments behind the scenes and later after the taping about how unsure she was about the state of her marriage.

"I mean, when someone cheats on you, you don't automatically fall out of love with them. I know the smart thing to do is to leave him and that's what I'd tell anybody in my shoes," she said.

Ashley's main issue with Jay is his activity on Tinder and his constant defense of his actions.

"I'm worried she's thinking about divorce," he said.

"I really did—do–love him, but maybe he really did just want a green card," Ashley wondered.