Yikes! Bryan Cranston Overshares in Lana Condor and Jimmy Fallon's To All the Boys I've Loved Before Spoof

The actor's character took the secret-sharing session a little too seriously on The Tonight Show.

By Samantha Schnurr Jan 11, 2019 3:44 PMTags
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Woah, woah, woah—keep that all to yourself, Randy. 

In honor of guest Lana CondorJimmy FallonBryan Cranston and the actress channeled their inner teenagers for an All The Boys I've Loved Before-inspired high school musical spoof on The Tonight Show Thursday. 

Set in the classic high school cafeteria, Fallon's jock Tommy is suddenly hit with a spark of self-acceptance and urges everyone to share a bit about their true identities. For Tommy, that meant exposing his secret knitting hobby.

"I'm so fed up with all these labels. There's more to us than all that, guys. There's more to all of us," he tells the group of students before breaking into some song and dance. 

"To all the me's I was before, I don't have to be them anymore 'cause it's ok, ok to be me," he belts out, surrounded by a troupe of cheerleader and student dancers. 

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Next, it was Condor's character, cheerleader Stacy's turn, who revealed that she's a gamer behind the scenes. Before long, Cranston's nerdy Randy gave it a try—only for everything to go awry. 

"One time I walked in on my parents having sex and I didn't leave right away, no, I took a long time 'til I left, but now I know that it's ok 'cause you're telling me to say all my secrets. Here's my truth: from my parents I learned some moves. To all my me's I was before and to my parents for not locking the door, 'cause it's ok, ok to be me," he sang. Yikes!

Randy continued not to get the hint when he shared stories about recording a man who got hit by a car and posting it on YouTube or getting retweeted by ISIS. 

"Randy, stop. Do not share any more secrets, ok?" Stacy told him. Still, the message was lost. 

Randy's grand finale? "I once stole a baby." Cue the cringe!

Check out the full spoof in the video above!

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