Bam Margera Leaves Rehab After 10 Days and Sends a Scathing Note to His Critics

See what the 39-year-old star wrote to his haters on social media

By Jess Cohen Jan 10, 2019 7:13 PMTags

10 days after checking back into rehab, Bam Margera has checked himself out.

The 39-year-old pro-skateboarder and Jackass star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a lengthy note to the "a--holes" who "want to talk s--t" about his sobriety. In the eight-part Instagram post, Margera said that he's "doing better than ever" and explained why he decided to leave rehab.

"By day number 5 in rehab I realized when I am bored is when I drink," Margera wrote. "Well in rehab I am bored 50 percent of the time so that's when I figured out that when boredom sets in and alcohol is off limits, that's when I get creative as f--k, an explosion of good ideas, exercise, skate, workout, yoga, hike, bike way more. Because I don't like to sit stagnant! (UNLESS I AM DRUNK)."

Jackass Star Bam Margera Checks Back Into Rehab

"So now I am excited with ideas and energy and creation which makes me have no temptation to drink because I am so busy NOT BEING BORED," Margera continued, adding that he already figured out that he doesn't "belong here in rehab."

Margera went on to explain that when he found out he couldn't make business calls or use the gym, he said he wanted to be discharged.

"So I said my Bentley will be here in one hour and I am leaving, don't bother trying to talk me out of it, because my mind is made up and I CANNOT BE STOPPED," Margera wrote.

"To the people who say, 'YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE, trust me,' well guess what a--holes...I am not alone!" Margera went on to write. "I might not be in rehab with YOU, but I am surrounded by so many sober family and friends, spiritual healers, therapists, sober coaches and my sponsor JJ Diana that I AM NOT alone."