Kendall Jenner Reveals the Kardashian Sisters Would "Cry" With Her Over Acne Struggles Before Using Proactiv

The reality star's skin problems began when she was just 14-years-old

By Cydney Contreras Jan 09, 2019 1:41 AMTags
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Throughout the years, the Kardashian sisters have leaned on each other through many hardships, but Kendall Jenner will never forget their support during her toughest years of being a teenager. 

Kendall, who is the new face of Proactiv, tells E! News exclusively that when her struggles with acne first began at the age of 14, she was overcome with insecurity. There were even days when she would be brought to tears because of her condition. But it was Kourtney KardashianKim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian who would come to comfort their little sister. She says, "I had them sitting crying with me when I would cry about it." 

And their sympathy was a relief for Kendall, who often compared herself to her older sisters. "Most of my sisters have had really beautiful skin, which is also really hard to look at as a young girl," the 22-year-old explains. "When I was super little all I had to look up to was my sisters that were beautiful and had this amazing skin."

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Sometimes, Kendall would question, "What is happening to me? Why me? Like all of you are amazing and I have to struggle."

Although, the reality star admits that Khloe and brother Rob Kardashian had a "little bit" of acne when they were in their teens.

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Eventually Kendall decided she was "not going to let [acne] get me down and that define me." Of course, being a model "added on to the pressures of it," but she has worked a long time to overcome the insecurities. 

Moreover, the star knows that at the end of the day, the important things in life are the relationships she has and the people who surround her. "If I didn't have good people around me, my friends and family, I wouldn't be able to have the self confidence to be able to brush past things or look past things," the model shares.

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