The Most Soon-to-Be Iconic Moments From the Roswell, New Mexico Premiere

By Lauren Piester Jan 16, 2019 2:00 PMTags

Contact has been made. 

Roswell, New Mexico made its debut on The CW last night, proving aliens are real and ketchup's not a very convincing way to cover up blood, and it quickly became very clear that this is a show we're going to be shipping, GIF-ing and swooning all season long. 

The series stars Jeanine Mason as a former Roswell resident who hasn't lived there in 10 years, ever since her older sister died while driving under the influence. After losing government funding on her experimental regenerative medicine study, she's back to live with her dad and work for her family business, The Crashdown Café. When she gets there, she runs into and quickly rekindles some feelings for her high school crush Max (Nathan Parsons), only to then find out he's an alien after he saves her from dying of a gunshot wound. 

The first episode saw Liz uncovering that secret, while more secrets lingered all over town. Her sister's death might not have been such an accident, and the government sure is up to something that's not going to end well. 

The premiere was filled with moments we're already feeling the need to rewatch, and that we'll probably remember for seasons to come. 

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Liz, the Sass Master 

Very quickly, Liz Ortecho proved she's not here for anyone's BS, from telling off the cop pulling her over (without realizing who it was) to "toying" with a conspiracy nut in the diner with a story about how only men in her family can carry children after an alien abduction in 1947. This was topped only by her father joining in. "Fourteen months I carry you and still you don't listen?!" The Ortechos are already icons. 

The Milkshake Share

Liz is clearly a girl who goes for what she wants, and what she wanted in this moment was to share that milkshake with her hot friend! Who can blame her? 

The CW

The Ketchup Save 

We'll never get over the quick thinking of "She's bleeding! She'll know she died! Throw some ketchup on it and she'll never know!" 

Isobel's Sexcapades

Isobel straight-up left her husband tied up on the bed in the middle of an exciting book-inspired rendezvous to go save her brother with nail polish remover and just pretended it was part of the fun. 

Mmm, Nail Polish Remover 

Apparently acetone revives ailing aliens, and this is an incredible fact that we now know after watching Isobel (Lily Cowles) pour it down her brother's throat. 

Best Friends Reunited

Liz and Maria (Heather Hemmens) quickly revived their high school friendship after 10 years of being apart and it was honestly inspiring. Here's to more celebratory shots shared between girlfriends! 

Science to the Rescue

We are so here for a badass scientist who takes her suspicions right to her microscope to try and figure things out for herself, with the help of a deceptive milkshake. 

The CW

"I'm Just a Guy from Roswell" 

He may be an alien from another planet who was frozen in a pod for 50 years, but he's also a son, a brother, a cop with an ordinary life. He's just a guy from Roswell, that's it! 

"I Can Show You, But I Need to Touch You" 

Did anyone else get chills? We got chills. 

The CW

"Fine, I'll Kiss You Then" 

Liz respects Max's respectful refusal to kiss her while she's still under the influence of his psychic she'll just wait to kiss him later. And maybe we're in love with her too? 

That Actual Kiss

Max and Liz's kiss will have to wait, but Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) gave us one after a whole episode full of tension that will absolutely fulfill our quota for TV kisses, at least until the next episode. 

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.