"Bigger Is Not Always Better!" Watch the Botched Docs Try to Give an Instagram Model a Wake Up Call

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Did the Botched doctors agree with Cindy Moore's more is more mantra?

On Wednesday's all-new episode, the U.K. resident sat down with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to discuss her lumpy lips and her dream for massive breasts. Cindy first started dressing more risqué after giving birth to her two children. In fact, as a way to celebrate postnatal weight loss, Moore would treat herself to "a little outfit."

After posting her voluptuous figure on Instagram, Moore garnered a bit of a following and she realized that she loved her new persona.

"That really fake look is the look that I want to have," Cindy confessed to the Botched camera. "I just like to look like a bimbo, but that's not who I am inside."

However, after telling the doctors that she hoped for "bigger lips, bigger boobs" and the removal of her "top rib," Cindy was given some disappointing news. Not only did Dubrow and Nassif advise Moore to stop with the lip fillers, they also suggested the over-the-top social media star downsize her breast size.

Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Bromance

"Any large increases in size, any tight lifts can risk losing the nipple, losing sensation, losing your breast…it's just a disaster," Dr. Dubrow expressed in the exam room. "I have news for you: bigger is not always better."

Although the doctors refused to take on Cindy's case, they agreed to send her home with some "chicken fillets" in order to prevent her from undergoing an unnecessary surgery. Not to mention, Nassif and Dubrow had their hands full with two other complicated cases.

First up, 33-year-old Tomi sought out the doctors' expertise after a life-saving surgery left her with a botched bottom. According to the new patient, her hospitalization and subsequent surgery came about after several illegal injections of silicone into her butt. Even though the removal of silicone saved Tomi's life, she was left with excess skin which could be seen from the front and poor kidney function.

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Thus, she needed Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif's help in reshaping her butt. Following the presentation of her case to the doctors, Heather Dubrow's husband took a closer look at Tomi's situation in the exam room.

Ultimately, Dr. Dubrow ruled that Tomi wasn't a good candidate for butt implants. Yet, the famed plastic surgeon did offer up a plan to remove the excess skin and improve the patient's kidney health.

"I'm a little disappointed that Dr. Dubrow couldn't give me implants so I can have that volume that I wanted," Tomi expressed later on. "At the end of the day, I just want to move on and have a healthy, nice life."

Despite the complicated nature of the case, Dr. Dubrow was able to successfully perform a buttock lift that gave Tomi "a nice buttock contour."

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"Before my surgery, you could see my butt from the front. I had to wear multiple layers to cover scarring and silicone bulges and it made me regret my decisions," Tomi relayed following her surgery. "Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, it no longer looks like I have balls and I have a better shape than I could ask for."

On top of helping her kidney function, the revision surgery allowed Tomi to move on from her past and look to her future. Specifically, the dancer ended her Botched appearance with nuptials to her love Kyle.

Tomi wasn't the only patient to get a fairy tale ending as Dr. Nassif essentially became painter Katie's fairy godfather. During Katie's four years in high school, the former athlete broke her nose a whopping four times. In an attempt to right the damage, Katie turned to a doctor who had removed a birthmark from a family friend's nose.

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"Looking back on it, I think to myself, 'Removing a birthmark is a whole lot different than having rhinoplasty,'" she lamented in a confessional.

To make matters worse, Katie was left with a nose that had "bumps on each side, a crease down the center and nostrils that [were] sky-high." Per the new patient, the issues came about after her previous surgeon "pinched in" her nose on the day of surgery.

"Katie fell victim to the surgeon's 'While I'm there' maneuver the day of surgery," Dr. Dubrow knowingly remarked to the Botched camera. "Never a good idea, never allow a surgeon to do that."

Thankfully, Dr. Nassif knew exactly how to revise Katie's botched rhinoplasty. While the revision rhinoplasty required several complicated steps, Katie agreed to the operation—a decision she couldn't be happier with.

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