Nikki Bella Wants to Move to L.A. to Enjoy "Single Life" After John Cena Breakup on Total Bellas

By Brett Malec Jan 09, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Tells Brie Bella She Wants to Move to L.A.

Nikki Bella is newly single and ready for a new city.

Following her breakup from John Cena, the 35-year-old WWE star is revealing she might want to leave San Diego behind her in this exclusive preview clip from Sunday's season four premiere of Total Bellas.

"I'm thinking I might move to L.A.," Nikki tells Brie Bella in the video.

"What? Why?" a confused Brie asks.

"I really love the energy of Los Angeles," Nikki explains. "It just has this hustle vibe and I have to go there every week for work, you know, for photo shoots. And I don't want to say non-moms, because I love my moms, but it has this single life, very Sex and the City like New York. And so it's like not only am I craving it, but I feel like I need it in my life."

Nikki adds, "Even when I was looking at houses here, there's a lot that remind me of my ex."

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"But don't you think a time like this is when you really need your family and your friends and they're all in San Diego," Brie tells her twin.

"I'm just keeping the option open. It's just an idea," Nikki says, adding, "I might go look at places already actually."

Even though Brie thinks Nikki will have "no one else" to support her in L.A., Nikki seems dead-set on making the move. See Brie's shocked reaction in the clip above!

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