The 90 Day Fiancé Reunion Was Full of Explosive Confrontations, Walk Offs and Tears

Find out what went down when TLC assembled its reality TV couples.

By Chris Harnick Jan 07, 2019 5:37 PMTags
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The 90 Day Fiancé couples assembled for the first part of the season six "Tell All" reunion, and predictably, there was a lot of drama around Colt and Larissa. The headline-making couple was MIA for most of the reunion, production was unsure whether or not they'd even make the festivities hosted by Shaun Robinson. However, they made it—sans Larissa's luggage full of makeup and dresses—and once they got there, it was all eyes on them.

So, what happened to Kalani and Asuelu, Jonathan and Fernanda, Eric and Leida, Ashley and Jay, Steven and Olga, and Colt and Larissa? Here's what happened with each couple, ranked by how explosive the drama was.

90 Day Fiancé Couples: Who's Still Together?
LEAST DRAMATIC: Kalani and Asuelu

Since their wedding, Kalani said they have been communicating better, but "I still feel upset about being pregnant. It was just bad timing."

Kalani's sister came out and they rehashed the family drama and Kalani admitted she thought Asuelu should've been sending money or supplies from Samoa while she was in the United States alone with baby Oliver. "I think she don't even need my help for providing," he said.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Despite recent reports, Jonathan and Fernanda were still together at the "Tell All" taping, but Fernanda did say they struggled with marriage.

The couple revisited their drama, specifically Jonathan's relationship with his mother—he promised not to take the relationship with his family for granted—and Fernanda's meltdown when Jonathan had drinks with a friend.

"I felt so lonely. Like never before. That was the worst feeling in the world…I don't have friends. I can't be independent," she said.

Eric and Leida

Leida said Tasha, Eric's daughter, continues to be a problem in their relationship. However, when shown footage of her demanding Eric stop making child support payments, Leida cried and admitted, "I was a selfish bitch."

"I was selfish. I do admit that. I do care. I do care with Jennica and I'm sorry. I'd never," Leida said. She also proclaimed her love for him, saying it's not just a green card situation. Eric said he did have lingering doubts before they got married, but they've passed.

Steven and Olga

Steven said he should hear about Olga's visa status soon, and said he lied to her about when he filed for it because he wanted to get to know her better. "It wasn't because I didn't want to be with her," he said. Olga was beamed in from Russia where she's with 7-month-old Richie.

"I already told Steven that…never lie to me again," Olga said.

As for his comments regarding Olga thank him for all he did for her after her C-section to have Richie, Steven doubled sown, saying it's about respect. "I helped her go to the bathroom, I helped her do everything she needed," he said, which brought out the ire of the other couples.

Ashley and Jay

Much of the drama involved Ashley and Jay, specifically Jay's use of Tinder three days after his wedding to Ashley. The other 90 Day couples went in on Jay. He continued to admit he made a mistake, but in the same breath he defended his actions, he tried to make excuses.

"I just feel embarrassed," Ashley said, admitting she doesn't trust Jay.

"I wouldn't trust me too if I did that," Jay said.

Ashley said she hasn't filed for Jay's adjustment of status with his visa and she doesn't plant to anytime soon. "I don't really know how someone can come back from this," she said. Later in the episode she said, "I kind of feel stupid that I'm still with him, honestly."

MOST DRAMATIC: Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa sat out most of the reunion as they were traveling from the airport. Eventually, they arrived, and after some minor drama over what dress to pick from production, Larissa found one.

"It's very sex, tight and I'm happy," she said.

Once out on the stage, Larissa wasted no time screaming at Fernanda and Jonathan. Fernanda took issue with Larissa posting a photo with a police squad car after her arrest because Fernanda was getting messages from worried fans after Larissa's arrest and subsequent posts to Instagram. Larissa screamed over Fernanda and Jonathan so much that Ashley, Asuelu, Kalani, Jonathan and Fernanda all got up and left the stage.

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