Botched Patient Katie Has a "Hot Mess" Nose With "Nostrils That Are Sky-High!"

By Brett Malec Jan 08, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: High School Athlete Wants "Hot Mess" Nose Fixed on "Botched"

Katie's plastic journey has been a bumpy road to say the least.

"My nose has bumps on each side, a crease down the center and nostrils that are sky-high—looks like a hot mess," Katie explains in this preview clip from Wednesday's all-new Botched.

During Katie's four years in high school, the former athlete broke her nose a whopping four times. "Over time, my nose had become so wide and had a hump—that's when we knew it's time to go talk to a doctor," the 41-year-old Baltimore native recounts in the video.

That's when Katie and her mom reached out to a doctor who had removed a birthmark from a family friend's nose. "Looking back on it, I think to myself, 'Removing a birthmark is a whole lot different than having rhinoplasty,'" she continued.

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"The day of surgery the doctor suddenly came up with a whole new plan and said, 'Well, I think your daughter's nose doesn't look that normal so we're going to have to pinch it in a little bit near the tip.' And my mom just trusted the doctor, she was put on the spot at the last minute," Katie said. "My mom was kinda like, 'OK, if that's what you think you're supposed to do then go ahead and do that.'"

After the procedure, Katie says her nose looked "pinched in."

"Then over the years, these bumps on the tip of my nose started to appear," she explained. "It continued to get worse and worse and worse. And then it started to collapse even more and pinch in even more. I get worried that if I continue living with this nose, is it gonna continue to collapse? Because that would be kinda frightening."

Hear Katie's story in the clip above!

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