Queen Rania of Jordan Defends Her Wardrobe After Overspending Claims Surface

Royal office responds to blogs in an effort to be accessible with followers

By Mike Vulpo Jan 03, 2019 8:21 PMTags
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Queen Rania of Jordan is starting a new year on the defense.

After blogs began to share estimated costs of her wardrobe, the 48-year-old royal's office released a rare statement in attempts to set the record straight on her clothes.

"Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about her majesty's spending on clothing," the Facebook post read. "In recognition of Her Majesty's interest in making the facts accessible to all to build their thoughts and opinions on them—positive or negative—we have decided to clarify some details on this subject."

According to the office, Queen Rania of Jordan has always maintained a balance between representing Jordan properly and spending.

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In fact, the majority of her clothing is either loaned or presented as a gift. In other words, it's far different from the "market value" that blog posts tend to focus on.

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"The focus on clothing and spending wives of leaders in many countries and accusing them of wastefulness—whether right or wrong—is not new, and has been exploited as a historical political tool. Today, we see some in Jordan adopting this approach to portray Her Majesty the Queen as far from reality, far from the truth," the statement continued. "So they may reject this clarification and question it in principle, in an effort to build a false public opinion."

"We realize that this explanation may be out of the ordinary, but in the absence of facts, rumors and false information are spreading and the wrong impressions accumulate, so we put these details in your hands."

When looking at Queen Rania's Instagram, followers can get a taste of how the royal family member dresses.

Recently, she posed with her family for a holiday card while wearing a sky blue dress. "May we greet the New Year with gratitude for all our blessings and hope for a better tomorrow," she captioned the picture.

Here's hoping some critics follow her advice.