Whoops! Cardi B Pauses Her Concert to Fix a Wedgie

The rapper had to adjust her ensemble at her show in New Zealand

By Elyse Dupre Jan 03, 2019 2:26 PMTags

Cardi B isn't afraid to tell it like it is. 

While performing at the Bay Dreams concert in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand on Wednesday, the rapper paused her show to fix a wedgie. 

 "Anyways, y'all, I need a little break!" she told the audience, per a video obtained by The Daily Mail. "I'll be right back, I gotta take this wedgie out my ass."

The "Bodak Yellow" artist then ran backstage.

The seven-time Grammy nominee had been shaking her booty and twerking earlier in the show, which may have caused her outfit to ride up. Still, Cardi B looked fierce in her emerald green ensemble and performed many of her chart-topping hits, including "Money," "Ring" and "Be Careful." It looks like the superstar had a blast, too.

"TAURANGA NEW ZEALAND WAS AMAZING :') sooo much fun !" she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her performance. "AUCKLAND YOUR NEXT !!!"

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Cardi later addressed the attention her butt received on social media and set the record straight that there was "nothin' wrong with my ass."

"Come on! Now I have a tumor in my ass? Are you s--tting me?" she said, dispelling any rumors. "My f--king skin was coming out of a tear in my pantyhose. Y'all are so weird. How many videos is there of my ass? Now y'all want to spread the one around my ass looks awkward. Bro, it's 2019 why y'all f--king bringing your year with negativity and nonsense and bulls--t? Y'all should focus on positivity, building beauty. That's what I am into right now. I'm going back to sleep. Have a beautiful day!"  

The wedgie wasn't the only unfortunate event Cardi B experienced during her trip. During an earlier stop in Sydney, Australia, the star had an ugly encounter with the paparazzi. As Cardi tried to make her way through the crowd and cover her face with a blanket, a photographer told her "it's our rules; not yours, buddy" and said she should "give the fans a picture." In an Instagram Stories video, Cardi B said "that s--t really left a bad taste in my mouth" and claimed the guy seemed racist to her.

"I understand the paparazzi provoke you and say mean things," she said. "But that right there, like, 'You in my country now, yes, my rules now,' that s--t don't sit well with me, bro. That don't sit well with me, especially a white man telling me that. That don't sit well in my spirit."

Things also took a nasty turn when a female photographer yelled, "No wonder your husband left ya." Cardi B announced her split from her husband Offset last month. The rapper's publicist then confronted the woman and threatened to smack her. However, no altercation took place.

Hopefully, the rest of Cardi B's trip will go more smoothly.