Sophia Grace May Be a Rapper, but Rosie Is Marching to Her Own Beat

YouTube star who went viral on The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues to grow up right before our eyes

By Mike Vulpo Jan 02, 2019 10:21 PMTags
Sophia Grace Brownlee, Rosie Grace McClelland, Kids Choice Awards 2014Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kids, they grow up so fast these days!

Earlier today, pop culture fans woke up to a brand-new song and video from Sophia Grace titled "Can't Sleep."

"People saying they want me to be the same as I was before," the 15-year-old performer said at the beginning of the video. "It annoys me because I'm not that person anymore and they always ask me to go back to how I was, but I'm different and that's not who I am, so I want to show people I'm a different person now and I've changed, but that's OK because everyone changes."

In other words, the former British child star who went viral on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is no longer interested in pink tutus and covering Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass."

It got us thinking of another beloved child star who was Sophia Grace's right hand girl. Yes, we're talking about Rosie McClelland.

Child Stars Then and Now

The actress, singer, dancer and model continues to have a large following of fans.

In fact, she previously released a solo track called "Handstand" that has received more than 5 million views on YouTube in just a few short months.


Most recently, the YouTube star held a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown series on YouTube where she received braces on Day 8.

"I went for the plain metal ones because all of my friends have them and I wanted to fit in," she later shared in a separate video. "They also offer you color bands on your second appointment so I'm definitely going to get blue or light pink."

And while she may have grown up in the spotlight, Rosie appears to be a relatively normal girl.


From wearing matching pajamas with her family to posing with Santa, one of Ellen DeGeneres' favorite guests continues to live and love life.

"I've had the most amazing Christmas and I literally don't want it to be over," Rosie previously shared on Instagram. "I hope you all had the most amazing time."

As for the woman who made Sophia Grace and Rosie pop culture stars, it's safe to say Ellen still has nothing but love for them. While celebrating her 60th birthday show, the talk-show host couldn't believe how much they've grown.

"That's when you feel the aging, 'cause you see them age and then you compare it and so now, I feel old," Ellen joked. "And Rosie wasn't even talking at the time. She never talks. She's talking now."