Kendra Wilkinson Says She's Not Looking for a New Love in 2019

Reality star reveals her New Year's resolutions on Instagram

By Mike Vulpo Dec 31, 2018 10:15 PMTags
Kendra Wilkinson, New Years EveInstagram

She may be saying hello to a New Year, but not to new men.

As Kendra Wilkinson prepares to usher in 2019, the reality star took to Instagram and shared her hopes and mindset for the months to come.

"Lookin for a new love? Nah. Looking to tailor myself to please the eyes of others? Nah. Bettering myself to make people happy? Nah," she wrote to her followers. "This year I'll be me and let go of anything holding me back only accept eyes of love and support. Healthy and fit enough to play with my kids and dance in the mirror. Healthy and fit enough to climb the highest mountain with my closest friends!"

Kendra continued, "2019 will be about simplifying and decluttering. Focusing on what truly makes me happy and laugh."

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Back in April, the Kendra On Top star confirmed she was breaking up from Hank Baskett after tying the knot at the Playboy Mansion in 2009. They share a son and daughter together.

Since the split, Kendra has been open about her dating life. As it turns out, the reality star was much more focused on "dating myself" then looking for her next partner.

Looking ahead, Kendra is focused on celebrating success outside of the romance department. And if a love comes around, it would simply be a bonus.

"Push and work hard not to prove anything to the world but to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. Success will live in the 'wow I'm doing it, look at me go,'" Kendra concluded. "Happy New year everyone!! Love you."