Did RuPaul's Drag Race Star Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor Sashay Away With New Lips on Botched?

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Did Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor sashay away happy following a consultation with the Botched doctors?

On Wednesday's all-new episode, the RuPaul's Drag Race veteran (AKA Ryan Taylor) sat down with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to discuss his lumpy lips. According to the famed drag queen, he began doing "illegal injections" early in his career in order to keep up with his peers.

After getting "injections pretty much everywhere," Trinity began winning countless pageants. Sadly, his lip injections resulted in long term consequences.

"I started noticing a shift in my lips two years after I got them done," Trinity explained in a confessional. "That's when I started to notice the unevenness, the lumping and I was like, ‘Oh god! What did I do?'"

Although there was a solution to Trinity's problem, there was a chance that the silicone fillers could return even after extensive surgery.

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"The truth about these things: they can very tricky," Dr. Dubrow noted to Trinity. "I've actually taken a patient to the operating room—who had a lot of this in there—did a very extensive procedure, took it all out, it was amazing. And then a year later they came back and it was all back."

Nonetheless, during a chat in the exam room, Dr. Nassif revealed he'd be willing to take on Trinity's case…only if the reality TV veteran promised to take time off to heal.

"You'll have to have stitches in your mouth for about three weeks," Dr. Nassif warned. "You'll have limited movement. Lip-syncing will be out!"

This was disheartening news for Trinity, as the drag queen could in "no way" take "that much time off of work."

"Girl! I may not be getting my lips done today, but you better believe I'll be back," Trinity remarked later on.

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Although the doctors didn't go ahead with Trinity's case, they had plenty to work on thanks to two extreme cases. First up, RV enthusiast Kelly met with Drs. Nassif and Dubrow to discuss her "bulbous, pointy and red nose."

According to the new patient, she accidentally destroyed her nose after trying to self-treat her basal cell skin cancer with black salve. However, she over did it with the homeopathic treatment and needed to get the forehead flap surgery to right the damage she caused.

"Some homeopathic medicines work when the instructions are followed," Paul remarked to the Botched camera. "But I always recommend seeing a medical professional."

While Kelly hoped Dr. Nassif could perform just a "quick revisional thing," the famed plastic surgeon revealed it was going to be a much bigger procedure.

"I think what I have to do is I have to remove everything," Dr. Nassif expressed during the examination. "Kinda deconstruct everything and try to rebuild it and that's what I'm really good at."

The Many Boobs of Botched

Despite having doubt in her decision-making abilities, Kelly followed her gut and agreed to let Dr. Nassif operate on her nose. Not only did Dr. Nassif perfectly reconstruct Kelly's nose, he also brought in a pigmentation specialist to treat his patient's scarring.

"Having made the decision to have the full reconstructive surgery, I do feel like it was the best decision I could've made and I feel like I do trust myself again," Kelly confessed. "I think this is as good and as close to a Matt Damon nose as I could've asked for."

Dr. Nassif wasn't the only one to perform top notch surgery as Dr. Dubrow took on his own challenging case. New England resident Paula turned to the Botched doctors after a ruptured implant left her with only one breast.

After having two kids, Paula chose to undergo a breast augmentation. Unfortunately, the initial surgery didn't turn out well for the fitness guru as she had to undergo four additional operations. To make matters worse, after the fifth procedure, the spin instructor ended up losing one of her implants.

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"One morning I woke up and it was gone—it was completely deflated," Paula told the doctors. "This implant's been ruptured about five years."

However, since Paula had to afford college for her children, she was unable to fix the lopsided situation.

"The implant's been ruptured for so long and you can assume that a lot of scar tissue has formed around the implant and it'll make it that much more difficult to get a good cosmetic result," Dr. Dubrow pondered while hearing Paula's case.

Nonetheless, Dr. Dubrow agreed to take on Paula's situation…but only if she was okay with "reasonable symmetry" and "reasonable size." Of course, the new patient signed on for the revision and Dr. Dubrow successfully gave her a more "feminized chest wall."

"Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have two perky, symmetrical breasts," Paula concluded. "I finally feel like the strong, empowered role model that I was meant to be."

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