Ryan Phillippe Calls Out an Opportunistic Ex: "It's a Bad Look for You"

"Stop asking people you met through me for free stuff," the actor vents

By Zach Johnson Dec 31, 2018 4:25 PMTags
Ryan PhillippeLou Rocco/ABC

To all the girls Ryan Phillippe loved before...it's time to move on.

The 44-year-old Shooter star, who is currently on vacation in Miami with Brian Washington, tweeted a series of non-sequiturs overnight. While that's not atypical for Phillippe, a few tweets stood out—particularly the ones directed at a former flame (whose identity remains a mystery). "hey. if you're an ex of mine, stop asking people you met through me for free stuff, cuz i don't, n it's a BAD look for you. love ryan. ever bod keep being like, 'your ex callin for free s--t and we don't know her like that. smh," he griped. "frankly, i'm tired of hearing ab it. find ya own.'"

One of Phillippe's followers jokingly asked, "If I promise not to do that, can I be an ex of yours?"

The actor's response? "yes."


Another user joked, "It was just some old Subway stamps, man! It got me to a free sandwich!"

Playing along, Phillippe replied, "fine then."

One of Phillippe's followers joked that his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon, was the woman in question, while another user argued she "probably makes more than he does" so the actress wouldn't need to do that. In response, the actor tweeted, "she do. what wrong w that, sexist?"

Ryan Phillippe Can Rap—Who Knew?!

Joking he "ain't tom petty," Phillippe later deleted a few of the tweets without explanation.

Meanwhile, the Cruel Intentions actor will ring in the New Year in Florida later tonight with Washington and more famous friends—none of whom need him for "free stuff," presumably.