See Hailey Baldwin's Favorite Moments of 2018 With Justin Bieber

Second half of the year was big for her

By Lena Grossman Dec 30, 2018 11:04 PMTags
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It has been quite the year for Hailey Baldwin.

The 22-year-old model got engaged in the Bahamas and secretly married her beau Justin Bieber in ever the whirlwind romance. The now-newlyweds reconnected over the summer in Miami when the "Sorry" singer was there for a VOUS Church Conference and they "rekindled their friendship," a source told E! News at the time.

However that "friendship" must not have lasted long because a few weeks later, Baldwin was showing off her massive oval engagement ring. These two have traveled around the world together and bonded as one big happy family during Bieber's first Thanksgiving both in general and as a married man.

Last weekend, the lovebirds introduced the newest member of their family to the world: a little puppy named Oscar who joined the Bieber family right in time for Christmas.

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If 2018 has been any indication into their relationship, it's clear there's no stopping them anytime soon. 

Take a look at the photos below for some of Baldwin's favorite moments of 2018 featuring her hubby.

And the Oscar goes to...

The newlyweds got a new dog, Oscar, together right before Christmas.

Team Bieber

Hailey Baldwin proved her team loyalty as she stood next to her husband Justin Bieber.

Love you like XO

Baldwin blew a kiss at her husband who wrapped his leg around her.

Set Sail

The 22-year-old photographed the "What Do You Mean" singer on a rowboat.

Flower power

Baldwin let her emojis do the talking on this photo of them kissing.

Soaring, flying

Bieber put his arm around Baldwin before boarding a plane.

The setting sun

Baldwin captured a candid moment of the singer looking out at the beautiful sunset.

Boat snuggles

The lovebirds cuddled together while enjoying a day out on the water.

Hot Tub Love Machine

The two of them share a smooch in a hot tub days after they got engaged.

Bahama Mama

Baldwin and Bieber posed in their golf cart one day after they got engaged in the Bahamas.

What does the future hold?

The couple smiled and stared off into the distance while remaining close.

Congratulations you two on a remarkable year!