2018's Best Celebrity Fitness Trends: The Workout Kardashians Love, Technology and More

Check out how celebs stayed in shape this year!

By Alanah Joseph Dec 29, 2018 8:32 PMTags
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During 2018, celebrities revealed exactly what it takes to stay in top shape. Based on their workout routines, it's not easy.

From Victoria's Secret models pre-fashion show workouts to Selena Gomez's pilates sessions, Hollywood stars are breaking a sweat to stay fit and feel confident in front of flashing cameras (or iPhones). There's a lot of pressure to look perfect and a never-ending supply of commentators on platforms like Instagram and Twitter that can even make the most confident person feel self-conscious. Fitness is a must when you're in the public eye.

Through the same platforms, however, celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are sharing closer looks into their routines. We get to see them lift weights, run, hike, complete tough workout classes, use the battle ropes and much more, proving that achieving your best body isn't easy for anyone.

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On the other hand, with access to the world's best trainers, celebrities are finding new and improved ways to stay fit. They go to the same professionals for workouts designed to meet their fitness goals. They attend classes in new studios. Essentially, stars have become fitness role models by demonstrating what's actually behind their awing red carpet physiques and striking confidence.

The biggest fitness trend in 2018, in fact, was the evident shift away from working out to lose weight and towards working out to stay healthy and love your body, no matter the shape. Body positivity was a major theme. 

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For example, after telling E! News she was "just fighting a fight for the women who don't want to be placed apart from other women because of the size of their hips," Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods made a major move in 2018 and started her own sportswear collection.

"My workouts have inspired me to make an activewear line because it's so difficult to find supportive clothing and clothing that's cute and actually inspires you to get up," she stated, referring to her company Scndnature.

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Khloe Kardashian also echoed the message of body positivity on her app after giving birth to her daughter, True Thompson.

"Since having True, my body is just different, not the same whatsoever," she said. "I'm not at my goal yet, but I'm also not insecure about it. My body just is my body right now and I feel really confident and beautiful."

Now, confidence is key. Yet, trainers are still there to help stars achieve their goals in fun, innovative and very effective ways. 

Want to upgrade your routine in 2019? Check out the fitness trends that spurred conversation and a following over 2018 below!

Group Boxing Classes

Late last year, E! News caught up with Mandy Moore's boxing trainer, Julian Chua, who took his skills to a new gym: CruBox. The fitness studio, which has locations in Los Angeles and Singapore, leads group classes in a dark room with numbered boxing bags, high-energy music and a neon-lit stage. 

This year, more celebrities like Kardashian Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Larsa Pippen joined in on the fight for fitness at the cult-loved gym. At the same time, more celebs used punching bags as a means towards staying in shape on Instragram or other studios around the country.

Dance Cardio

Before the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models Martha HuntElsa Hosk and more VS models opted for dance cardio by way of Sculpt Society's trainer, Megan Roup, to get ready for the runway.

"I did something different this year," she told E! News. "I try to mix up every year, because I get bored with the same workouts...This year, I'm doing a lot of dance cardio with this girl Megan. She's really great with toning, keeping it fun and coming up with new moves every time we work out."


Pilates isn't new...at all. Yet, the fitness trend continued to be a go-to for celebs during 2018. Selena Gomez's trainor, Shannon Nadj revealed this year that you don't have to have a pilates machine in order to sculpt your body. A lot moves are created for on-the-go—something that celebs can appreciate—and to improve posture.

"I like to do exercises that keep my shoulders back and down and to open up my chest," Shannon explained before demonstrating her arm moves to E! News. "We spend so much time with our shoulders rolled forward on our phones. It's important to strengthen our backs to maintain good posture!"

More Fitness On-the-Go

Lifting weights no longer requires....weights. Thanks to the new popularity of resistance bands, you can get a gym workout anywhere and any time.

"The reason they're so hard is because unlike a weight, the band has cumulative resistance, so the more you move away the heavier it gets," celebrity trainer Jason Wimberly  shared with E! News. "A weight doesn't do that. I make sure all of my clients have them in their bags. If you're on the subway, you can use them. We have three different ones: the heavy, medium and light."

Running to Save the Earth

Fitness, celebrity and mother nature came together in 2018:

"I feel at peace when I'm by a body of water," she said after running the Adidas x Parley "Run for the Oceans" 5K to raise money against marine plastic pollution in sneakers made from recycled water bottles. "We're mainly water, as human beings. I feel super connected to it… I'm proud of Adidas, because it takes initiatives like these to put the world back in balance. We've placed so much stress on the planet that it's up to us to backtrack."

Fitness You Can Wear

Between the Apple Watch and FitBit, wearable technology was a major trend during 2018. Celebs like Chloe Grace Moretz and Gwyneth Paltrow were sporting the new tech, tracking their fitness to a new level.