Jack Nicholson’s daughter and Nicky Hilton beg off the runway for Fashion Week, while Jeremy Piven pants away! Plus, Jessica Simpson’s boy-toy plays Good Samaritan, while Jamie Foxx plays spotlight hog...
Jennifer Nicholson

Paul Fenton/ZUMApress.com

The following email just landed in my overstuffed inbox from Jennifer Nicholson Design, in response to my query if Jack’s daughter is hanging up her needle and thread for good—because daddy won’t finance her fashionable efforts anymore. (‘Cause that’s precisely what super-duper inside fashionistas insist to moi.)

“Not true. We are working on spring ‘08 at the moment!” was the cheery e-response.  

Nice to know, I guess, considering J.N.’s line isn’t another tired vintage-tees-with-tattoos to-do. But her company’s still up and running—why is there no fall 2007 collection to speak of? (That’s what all the designers are showing now, for all you non-clotheshorses out there.) 

Nicky Hilton

Donato Sardella/WireImage.com

It’s conspicuously absent from their Website, and they had no Hell-Ay show this season, as I already told you. Ms. En, for the record, will not answer that par-tick query thus far. 

Another celeb type opting not to show her luxe line: Nicky Hilton. She was slated to present her new line in South Beach Saturday night but suddenly canceled Thursday due to a “personal emergency she had to handle,” according to event organizers. 

Oh, horrors! What could it be? Emergency spray-tan session? Chauffeuring Paris to parties? Mandatory makeout session with David Katzenberg?  

Lindsay Lohan

Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage.com

N.H.’s publicist later declared she’d simply “overextended herself” and had “scheduling conflicts.”  

Hmmm...sounds like someone’s taking a line from the Lindsay Lohan book of dog-ate-my-glittery-obligation excuses.  
Jeremy Piven

Eddie Malluk/WireImage.com

Back in the City of Fallen Figures, one star who did show up to Fashion Week was Jeremy Piven, to peep at the Monarchy Collection Wednesday afternoon and drool over the models strutting supreme. Now, the Pivs was on his best behavior, but one person certainly wasn’t, backstage at one of the myriad semiglam shows:

That’d be a certain stylish personage who hobnobs in the relatively close vicinity of celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie. Hear said fashion type was bad-mouthing the help, trying to get people kicked out of the backstage areas and the shows, as well.  

Reese Witherspoon

John Shearer/WireImage.com

“Not sure why he was in such a bad mood, but that white powder on his nose might have something to do with it!” whispered a catwalk witness.  

So, I’m guessing blow is the must-have accessory for fall 2007...you heard it here first!

John Mayer, Jessica Simpson

Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

John Mayer, lending a helping hand at David Ryan Harris’ concert at Hotel Cafe last week. Yes, diminutive diva Jessica Simpson was on hand, too, for the relationship record, and the twosome had “snuggle time the whole time,” according to my bud T. Poor Davey’s mike kept falling over during his big final number. The third time it happened, John jumped up, dove over some people and fixed the stand for his bud. How chivalrous! J. & J. also made nice with the masses and posed for pics with fans before makin’ a break for it. Crowd-pleasers elsewhere included...

Jamie Foxx

Laura Farr/ZUMApress.com

Jamie Foxx, givin’ an impromptu performance. Glass at the Forge in South Beach. Jamie-babe went on around 1:45 ayem and did his thang for about an hour. This week just so happens to be the Winter Music Conference in Miami, so maybe this was Jamie’s way of contributing. Earlier that evening, he hung at new hot spot Set, where he rubbed elbows with the likes of hubba-hubba fab-butt dude Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova and the ever bitchin’ Williams sisses. Was there a tennis tourney nearby, or somethin’? Less luscious in Hell-Ay locales was...

Brandon Davis

Chris Weeks/WireImage.com

Brandon Davis, greasing up the Ya-Ya party. The designer held a posh party at a private pad, where guests got to eat cupcakes and play on giant swings. Sounds like kindergarten all over again! I’m told Brandon looked “greasy as usual”—surprise, surprise—but stuck to sipping vodka-less cranberry juice cocktails. Giving sobriety a go, guy? You know, skipping the booze cuts a ton of calories out, so maybe he’ll finally lose that bloat. Was that bitchy of me to say? Well, just fire up my crotch then as punishment! (But by J.P. only, Mr. Dee, not you.)
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