Cristina Gibson is writing the Awful Truth for Ted Casablanca while he’s on vacation. Casablanca will return, probably bitchier than before he took off, on Dec. 5.


Kevin Mazur/

GQ toasted its Men of the Year, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Jay-Z, during a dinner Wednesday night at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Jay-Z came sans main squeeze Beyoncé but he did stop to chat with us print peeps for a minute.

And since Ludacris had stayed mum on Michael Richards when I asked the other day, I was hopin' Jay-Z could give me his two cents on the sticky sitch.

Forrest Whitaker

Theo Wargo/

"I don't believe you can spew that type of hatred and really have it not be in your fabric," he said, in reference to Richards' claims he's not a racist during his mea culpa on Letterman. 

Forest Whitaker echoed similar sentiments. "It was an apology," he said, "but I feel like it wasn't a complete one."

I'm with you on this one, for sure. Richards was way out of line and he has a lot more apologizing to do before I run out and buy the Seinfeld DVDs.

Britney Spears

Seein' as how my former favorite pop tart Britney Spears seems to be shooting herself in the foot with a bazooka lately, I'm hoping you Awful-ites can help her out with some sound advice.

Since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, she's gone ice-skating with former manager Larry Rudolph, painted the town pantyless with Paris and partied with oily heir extraordinaire Brandon Davis. Some of these moves have been wiser than others for her career mojo, but one thing's certain: Almost everyone has an opinion on what she should do next. Well, now's your chance to weigh in: Just tell us what you think Brit should do to stage a surefire career comeback.

Your two cents could be repaid with some gratis goodies—the very same loot that was recently gifted to such hot Hollywood moms and moms-to-be as Britney, Bryce Dallas Howard and Amanda Peet! The three funniest, most original answers will win one of the following:

Third prize: Spa goodies and pampering products from Dermalogica, Klean, Princess Potions, Voluspa and Vibrel

Second prize: Cute 'n' comfy threads from hot mama maternity line Theality, The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood and a Ruby's Kids baby wipe case

First prize: A Cameron Nicole Italian leather handbag that doubles as a diaper bag

You have until next Friday, so put on those thinking caps that double as follicle conditioners, and click here to enter. We'll post the winning replies in Tuesday's mailbag on Dec. 12.

Bill Maher

John Shearer/

Bill Maher, being ree-dick in real time. HBO's savvy political punster was actin' the prima donna part in Smashbox Studios this past week. The pissy dude, casually dressed in jeans and an old-man windbreaker, wouldn't even lift a hand to wave hello to onlookers. More photo-op friendly elsewhere was...

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton

Kevin Mazur/

Paris Hilton droppin' party partner Britney Spears to spend some QT with her old sidekick Nicole Richie. The party for Volkswagen's new concept SUV, the Tiguan, at Raleigh Studios in Tinseltown. Other VW vixens included...

Jamie McCarthy/

Zooey Deschanel, Jaime King and Christian Slater, all at the same bash, where Ludacris performed. Wondering what Luda's New Year's resolution is? To make more Oscar-winning movies. "To be in another one," he said. "That'd be good." Somehow doubt his turn in the upcoming flick Fred Clause with Vince Vaughn will snag a statue, but who knows? Getting their theater on across the pond were...

Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter

Steve Granitz/

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, workin' the goth attire at a London performance of Wicked. The dynamic duo enjoyed the show while restin' their rears in the VIP section of the Victoria Theatre in the West End. Perhaps the brilliant Burbank native was considering a big-screen adaptation of the Tony-winning show?

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