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So, this is how it ends...As first reported by girl detective Korbi Ghosh last week, Mandy Patinkin didn’t show up to a Criminal Minds table read and was subsequently on the outs with the CBS procedural.

Show runner Ed Bernero weighed in over the weekend with his official statement on the Criminal Minds Fanatic fansite, and now we have the official-official statement from the studio and network, and an official statement "on behalf of Mandy," which probably means the publicity teams had to cancel their weekend plans.

Here's the he said/they said rundown:

What the Studio/Network Said:  "Last week, Mandy Patinkin asked to be released from his role on Criminal Minds. We have honored this request, which was not in any way connected to contract renegotiations or salary issues. His departure from the series will be explained to audiences in an episode to be filmed in the near future and broadcast early next season. We thank Mandy for helping to make Criminal Minds a strong and successful series, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. A new character will be added to the series for next season."

What Mandy's Peeps Said:  "Due to creative differences, Mandy has asked not to return to Criminal Minds this season. Mandy would like to thank the studios and network for releasing him from the series, and he wishes the cast and crew continued success in all of their endeavors and looks forward to continuing to work with the Disney and CBS companies in other capacities in the future."

And that’s a series wrap for Mandy Patinkin. What do you think? Will Criminal Minds still be good sans Inigo Montoya?

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