House: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein

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Doctor, doctor, give me the news. I've got a bad case of loving you.

The object of my affection? House, M.D., naturally! And not just the man but also the show, which has been on fi-yah lately. Not only have producers amped up the dramatic storylines, they've also given Grey's Anatomy a run for its money in the love department, with the show's core Cuddy-House-Cameron love triangle splitting into a love pentagon of Chase-Cameron-House-Cuddy-Wilson that somehow works. And leaves us panting for more.

Thanks to an event yesterday on the set of House—the cast was launching the drive benefitting the National Alliance on Mental Illness—I scored a little one-on-one time with the cast and some scoop on which way the showmances are heading...

House and Cuddy Will Get Cuddly—EventuallyHouse likes Cuddy. He wants to see her naked. We know this from the last episode, when he asked her to a play (code for requesting a viewing of her B-day suit). But will it ever happen? According to show creator David Shore...drum roll, please..."Yeah. Tune in. You'll see her naked." Whoo! The only downside? He's, um, kidding. Still, Shore says plans for bona fide Huddy action are on the horizon. "It won't happen this season," he says, "but we're taking little baby steps toward that, and we'll get there."

Cuddy Wuuuvvs House:  Lisa Edelstein says she thinks her character (Cuddy) is a smitten kitten, and in more ways than one. "I think Cuddy really loves House, and I don't think she loves him in a way that limits how she has to love him, as a friend or as a lover or as a person who works for her. There's a great deal of appreciation there and respect. He's horrible to deal with, but he's worth it. He's worth every second."

Cameron Still Wuvs House, Too:  "Cameron wants to be mad or be done with him," Jennifer Morrison says of her cranky but irresistible boss. "But House still finds the answers and saves someone's life, and that's what matters to her. So, it's hard to completely bury [her feelings] and not keep coming back for more."

Chase and Cameron Seem Doomed:  Jesse Spencer says the romance between Chase and Cameron (played by his real-life fiancée, Morrison) came as a big surprise to them both, since only Jennifer's parents knew they were getting married when the storyline came out in the script. As for Chase's feelings about Cameron, he says, "She's kind of the opposite to him, and opposites attract. It started out as a purely physical relationship that got complicated, and it can only end one of two ways. I think there was a line in the script: 'Either you get married and have kids and live happily ever after, or someone gets fired.' And you know that House is never good for happy endings!" Thankfully, those two seem adorably compatable in real life and should have far better luck offscreen.

I also gathered some non-lovey-dovey scoop (on the season finale and a surprise family visit) that I'll share with you in the next chat—after you check out House tonight on Fox.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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