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I've got lots to share this week, so let's get started!

Rob in Los Angeles: Is the Torres family involved in the Grey's spinoff? Hector Elizondo is playing Callie's dad on Grey's, and he was announced as part of the Grey's 2.0 cast.
According to my sources, this got muddled up in the media. Yes, Hector does play Callie's dad, and yes, he is in the spinoff setup episode, but no, Hector is not involved in the spinoff itself, as had been reported in many outlets. So, Mr. Torres and Addison are not running away together. And as I reported in this week's Vine show, she'll have her eye on the sexed up receptionist, Sean Faris from Life as We Know It. (Also known as Tom Cruise's dreamy doppleganger.)

How about a clue on Lena 2.0, this week's Hump Day Stumper? Is it Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
Nope. It is also not Ian Somerhalder, Carlos Bernard or Larry Hagman. (Yes, someone actually guessed Larry Hagman from I Dream of Jeannie, which makes my heart sing!) Well, actually, since so many of you have asked…I may as well come out and tell you the answer to this one. (Yes, it's like Christmas in March!) The answer to Lena 2.0 is Harold Perrineau, aka Michael from Lost. Sources tell me the producers wanted to bring him back for the finale, but Harold decided not to return to the show. Still, like I said, fear not! I've heard amazing things about what Lost is planning for the end of the season.

Marshall in Miami: Who is winning Save One Show? Please say Friday Night Lights!
I can tell you that the leader is ahead by less than three percent—so, it's a tight race! We'll post an update with current standings this Friday, so watch for that. Voting closes Apr. 6.

Kristin in Los Angeles: How do I send my Save One Show video?
Well, thanks for asking, Kristin. All you need to do is go to our Video Upload page. It's very easy, and I hope some of you will seize the opportunity! This is the chance for you to get extra press for the endangered show you want to save—and all you need is a webcam. For you who missed that part of the SOS announcement, this year, we'll be choosing the three best Save One Show videos made by the fans and airing them right here on E! Online and the Vine. We will also forward them to the decision makers at the endangered show's network. So far, we have a grand total of…zero participants, so you have a very good chance of winning a spot!

Jennifer in Cleveland, Ohio: Have you seen The Tudors? What do you think? (And how hot is Jonathan Rhys Meyers?) I saw it on Showtime On Demand, and it is a true pleasure.
I agree, it's really good. I'm personally feeling the sting of the end of HBO's Rome (how great were the last three episodes?!), and The Tudors is somewhat in the same vein but sexier (Jonathan Rhys Meyers!) and soapier (and we like our future husbands clean!), so I can't wait for Tudors to start this Sunday. I'm also hitting the premiere tonight, so look for more scoop later this week.

Regina in Birmingham, Alabama: Okay, on Battlestar Galactica we now know four of the five final Cylons. So, who's number five?
I'll let Joel McHale answer that one for you: "My sources tell me it's Webster," he says. And beyond that highly intelligent guess, I have no clue. But make sure to read the Q&A with Ronald D. Moore if you haven't yet!

Frakkingfrakker: What was the deal with that song the Chief and the other Cylons were quoting last night?
The four frakking freaked-out Cylons—Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol (the Chief)—were quoting, and even had a little sing-along to, Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower." Do you think this means Dylan's on tour out in space, or do Cylons just get really good radio reception? I'm betting it all has something to do with Earth, Apollo meeting up with Kara in that vortex thingy and these lyrics from the song: "Two riders were approaching/ the wind began to howl." Or Ron Moore is just a huge Dylan fan.

Emma in Dublin, Ireland: Forget Jam (Pam & Jim), I want Man (Michael & Jan)!
And Man you shall have. I spoke to The Office's own Melora Hardin recently, and she said there's lots more coming up for Michael and Jan. "Michael comes barreling through all of Jan's defense mechanisms and crashes in and finds that gooey center and appeals to it," Melora tells me. "I think he really makes her feel like a woman in a way that not many men can do because she's got her guard up." I also hear that Jan has some "news" coming up, so stand by!

Marsia in Los Angeles: I just wanted to tell you there's an upcoming Buffy sing-along event benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Could you let people know?
Done! Also, starting tonight, auctions off original art from Heroes [you know—Isaac's paintings] to benefit Greg Grunberg's favorite charity, the Epilepsy Foundation.

Stella in Miami: I heard there's going to be an Arrested Development movie? When does it come out? Did I miss it?
There is still no movie, much to my perpetual dismay, but there are gobs of Gob Bluth coming your way this week! First, Will Arnett's doing a voice this Sunday on King of the Hill, and then on Thursday, he plays an NBC exec gunning for Jack Donaghy's job on 30 Rock. I have to tell you, it is my favorite episode yet, because it inspires our beloved page Kenneth to channel Sydney freaking Bristow. And...Arnett wears a short-short robe. You just have to watch.

Jillian in Portland, Oregon: How great was this week's Ugly Betty?
So great that I'm going to the set first thing tomorrow morning to stalk them and tell them how much I loved it. Got Q's for the cast? Bring 'em:

Cate in Barnsville, Alabama: Do you have any idea what Marissa from The O.C. is up to? Any new TV shows?
The only TV shows Marissa might be up for are Ghost Whisperer and Medium, but Mischa Barton has been pretty busy. She's got a few movies in the hopper, and more important, she's got a new boyfriend for Ryan Atwood to punch in the face! An inside source tells me she's dating Fran Kranz, who was attached to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor's comedy pilot earlier this year, and is now shooting the lead in a new sitcom with Jeffrey Tambor (aka Papa Bluth). 

Dani in DeSoto, Indiana: Any scoop on The Real Housewives of Orange County? I watched the reunion ep three times this week! I'm so sad it's over!
I can tell you that even though Jo told everyone at the reunion she and Slade are broken up, they're still spending time together. I spotted them at the 101 Diner in Hollywood for lunch on Friday. They definitely seemed to be on good terms, laughing and chatting the whole time.

Mary in Fairfield, North Carolina: I'm obsessed with The Hills! Can you give me some scoop?
I spoke to Jen Bunney after her "Apology Not Accepted" episode aired, and she was not a happy camper. "I'm really disappointed," she told me. "The majority of things that were brought up about the past were false." According to Jen, Lauren's claims that Jen was behind her two-year fight with Lo and that Jen kissed Jason right after learning Lauren had a crush on him are completely unfair. "The things about Lo and Jason were out of left field," she said. "Lo and I are [on] great [terms]. If you notice, Lo didn't say anything bad about me. I just don't think it's appropriate to fabricate and exaggerate things in the past, reality TV or not. The Jason thing, first of all, it didn't happen like that at all. And second, it was never an issue before. It's never been brought up our entire friendship."

Janna in Wake Forest, Illinois: Can you believe how two-faced Heidi is on The Hills? She totally tried to hook Jen up with Brody, and now that Lauren's mad at Jen, she's mean to Jen?
Actually, Jen tells me she and Heidi are totally fine. She said she was forewarned about Heidi's behavior on the show, and that she's more upset by the things Lauren said than the way Heidi acted. In fact, she says that besides Lauren, she's on good terms with everyone, including Brody and Spencer. As for hooking up with Brody, she says, "There was no hookup. Everyone understands that. We were hanging out and we may have kissed, but that's it."

Don't read if you don't want to know! 

Vicky: Was there a "moment" there between Mer and Mark in the scrub room on Grey's?! Please say it ain't so.
As far as I know, it ain't so! I'm told Meredith and Derek will be going strong for a good, long while. The death of someone very close to Meredith brings MerDer closer together—and tears her apart (again) from her father.

Matthis in Stockbridge, Massachusetts: Are George and Izzie really in love?
They're 100 percent smitten, from what I hear. And, yes, that is a two-way street. There are also rumblings that Sara Ramirez (Callie) might not be coming back as a series regular next season—but I think Izzie started those.

Thomas in Brooklyn, New York: I saw your latest Vine show, and I'm so happy Cristina and Burke are headed for the altar! Is she really going to wear a poofy dress?
Yep. Despite her insistence on city hall, I'm told they'll have a full-on traditional wedding with the big dress and bridesmaids and everything—at the insistence of both her mother and Burke's mother. Look for another bride you love (Lily on How I Met Your Mother) to go through the same thing in May, and another July bride who shan't be named (because her parents read this column).

Ginger in Chicago: Got any Lost scoopage to spill?
This week on Lost, Maggie Grace (Shannon) returns, Sun goes all nutty fisticuffs and...someone is going to die. Someone I personally love. Someone I personally am sad to see go! But I worry I might be in the minority. Regardless, how this person dies is perhaps the most disturbing death I have ever heard of. Let's just say I have one big monster of a phobia, and this death plays into that. Eeek! (And no, it is not "the monster.")

Jack in Laguna Niguel, California: Please tell me what's going to happen next on Lost! I want more Hurley action.
Well, it looks like you'll get more action on Hurley's...van. Producers are currently casting for a "Roger," a working-class janitor in his early forties who is bitter about his place in life but has higher aspirations. The notice says of the character, "He has a troubled and complex relationship with his son; [he] finds himself caught up in a mysterious situation beyond his imaginings; [and the] actor must not be claustrophobic." Pretty sure this is the skeleton—"Roger Work Man"—from Hurley's episode. (Ha!) Flashback fun times! (I see a beer run in our future.)

Anne in Norway: Who's going to die on Prison Break?
My money is, sadly, on more than one to go. I'm guessing it's Kellerman and C-Note, since both Paul Adelstein and Rockmond Dunbar have new jobs for the fall. Rockmond has told me of C-Note: "He's on his last leg." Gulp.

Berna in Manila, Philippines: What will happen on the last few episodes of Prison Break?
A little birdie tells me there will be a role reversal at the end of this season, with Michael in a prison in Panama and Lincoln charged with having to bust him out. (No word yet on whether Linc will get a full-body tattoo.) Says Dominic Purcell, "Everything is resolved. Everything. Expect a massive shock, the final one, a massive, huge shock."

Noah in Detroit: When is the next death on Heroes?
Apr. 23. It's the one I've been teasing forever, because originally, it was supposed to happen a little earlier. The Hero who will be killed is a series regular and has an important power that will live on in Sylar. 

Laura in Ithaca, New York: I am loving Heroes and wanted to ask you if we are going to see any more of Mohinder's sister Shanti and how she is important?
Look for lots more Heroic relatives (like Shanti) and family history next season, because I'm told the second season is called Volume Two: Generations, and it's all about the ancestors and descendants of the Heroes we know and love.

Everlee in London: Call me strange, but my favorite characters on Battlestar Galactica are Gaius and Six. (I love me some sexy villains!) What's coming up for them?
There's much more to come for Boris and Natasha, er...Gaius and Six. Ron Moore told me that Caprica and the bad Dr. Baltar will being seeing each other again—in the flesh, no less, not just as each other's imaginary friends.

Karina in Northmoor, Missouri: I love Ghost Whisperer! How come you never talk about it?
I can remedy that right now. I'm told that before the season is over, we meet Melinda's father, who had abandoned her when she was very young.

Kat in Calabasas, California: Is Standoff ever coming back? I miss my boys from Band of Brothers!
Yes! Ron Livingston, Michael Cudlitz and company from Standoff are back this coming Friday, Apr. 6, with a storyline that marks a key turning point in Matt and Emily's relationship. You'll see that Emily gets a great job offer in another section of the FBI, and Matt responds with a little good old-fashioned emotional blackmail... 

Liz in St. Louis, Missouri: Any news on the fate of Studio 60? I think it's a wonderful show that deserves a chance. Also, 30 Rock spoilers (if they exist)?
Read up on Studio 60's prospects in our Save One Show report. As for 30 Rock, which we happen to love up here at WWK HQ, we haven't seen the last of Sherri Shepherd as Tracy Jordan's wife Angie. When I ran into the awesome Sherri at the premiere party for her new show Wedding Bells, she told me she'd definitely be back on the show in the future:  "Tina wrote that role for me! She was breast-feeding her baby in front of the TV, and she saw me on the Ellen show talking about breast-feeding and role-playing with my husband, and she got inspired." Love. It. 

Anabel: Do you know what they're gonna do with the HIV storyline on CSI: NY?
I can tell you that storyline has not been dropped. Sources tell me that Stella's forced to address the HIV issue more aggressively in a coming episode. 

Tracie in Concord, California: What can you tell me about upcoming relationships on October Road?
Love is in the air on Thursday's episode. Not one, but two couples are getting together this week, and it happens among the most unlikely pairs. The downside? A big relationship is coming to an end.

Courtney in Anaheim, California: I am digging October Road. How long do we have to wait until Nick and Hannah get back together?
It doesn't look like the two former lovebirds will be getting back together anytime soon, since Nick has a new girl in his life.

Matthew in Cascade, Colorado: What's coming up on House? I love that show!
I'm hearing the producers are currently preparing for a major shoot that involves an ocean helicopter rescue! I'm assuming that none of the series regulars are involved, but you know what they say about assuming...FYI, the incident takes place right around season-finale time. 

Raquel in San Francisco: Anything interesting to tell us about Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? I'm dying for some scoop!
I spoke to Adam Beach about his upcoming role on SVU. As you may know, he's joining the cast next season as a regular, reprising his role as Det. Chester Lake. (By the way, the producers assure me that he's strictly an addition, and there will be no cast subtraction necessary to make it work, so fear not—all your faves will be back.) Adam told me that while his backstory and character arc are still being developed, "I have a feeling there's going to be romance between him and someone else, and that slowly develops." Mmm...

Karen in Highland Park, Texas: I love Judith Light! Is she going to stay on Ugly Betty even though she's admitted to being a murderer?
I'm hearing, yes, she's staying (whoo hoo!), although she will be going to prison. My sources are saying Ugly Betty is shooting scenes in jail throughout the rest of this season and into the next. Maybe she'll be in a Panamanian jail cell with Michael Scofield—lucky bitch.

That's all for today, tuberinos! Check back next week for the next live-ly Spoiler Chat! And in the meantime, you can always submit questions by clicking on the Ask Kristin button at left.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin, Michael Berner and Erik Pedersen


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