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Tubers, I have so much to tell you! It's been a crazy couple of weeks with Golden Globes and all the networks TCA...I have so much dish bottled up inside, I might explode. So, let's start relieving that pressure by answering your Q's, 'kay? 

From Mara:  AlexIS rules! How great was that reveal of Rebecca Romijn as Daniel’s brother (now sister?!?) on Ugly Betty? Give us the scoop!
Actually, my bat phone just rang with some fantastically exclusive, breaking Ugly Betty dish: Jerry O’Connell joins his beloved Rebecca on Ugly Betty! I’m told he’s shooting a one-episode guest spot this Wednesday, and AlexIS (Rebecca) is going to flirt with his character. I, for one, can’t wait to see Jerry O’C. flirt with his now transgendered (on the show) fiancée! Genius! (More on the AlexIS reveal in the spoiler section, so keep reading.)

From Jefferson:  Lost!
I’ve seen the first episode coming back. It is good. And when I say it is good, that is the understatement of the year. It is most definitely my favorite episode so far this season, and officially cements Elizabeth Mitchell as a rock-solid Lostie who shall not be done away with (Damon, don’t you dare think of it). But the best part? The flashback includes an evil doctor by the name of Burke! Sorry, I just found that funny. Especially because Lost’s Dr. Burke also realizes that words uttered in the heat of the moment can have serious repercussions. (I’ll tell you more about the ep in the spoiler section below.)

From Ulysses23:  Heroes scoop! I can't get enough of it!
Just wrote a heap of Heroes dish from the stars themselves—hopefully, you saw it! And I’ll be back tonight with my Heroes Redux, so stay tuned. 

From Tessa:  Battlestar!
OMGWTFisStarbuckafrakkin'Cylon?! Post your thoughts in the Comments section. I'm dying to know if you think that's remotely plausible! We also put a poll on the main page so you can post who you think the Cylon is! Damn, that show just keeps getting better, does it not?

From Innis:  I still can't believe they moved Law & Order to Friday, but at least it still rocks. Know anything new?
I hear the adorable, amazing Julie Benz (Dexter, Angel) just shot a guest spot for February sweeps. She plays a teleevangelist's wife in a story ripped (I think!) from the headlines about a religious leader who cavorts with male hookers and so forth.

From HenryJ:  Thanks for all your TCA coverage in the blog this week. I loved it! How was the Fox party?
Thank you! It was...a downright blast. Fox always has the best parties, and this year it was ripe with wedding talk. Apparently, I’m not alone in my wedding-on-the-brain sickness, since Jennifer Morrison and I chatted about colors, themes, dresses, etc. for a good hour. And I gotta tell you, she is officially my new favorite person. Just so sweet and lovely and funny! (She’s engaged to her House costar Jesse Spencer, in case you didn’t know.) Meanwhile, Emily Deschanel revealed the fun little tidbit that she’s one of Melanie Lynskey’s bridesmaids. (They met while working on Rose Red a few years back, and they’ve been thick as thieves ever since.) And I had a good congratulatory exchange with Paul Adelstein (Kellerman from Prison Break) about his recent wedding to Gilmore Girls'  Paris, Liza Weil (he says they joke that their characters would be a perfect match, too).

From Joanna:  Tell me every delicious moment about your time with Wentworth. Do not leave anything out.
You’re my kinda girl, Joanna. Wentworth showed up for the Fox party all gussied up in a suit (you can see him in action in the next Vine show!) and in an especially chatty mood, teasing this tidbit about the next batch of episodes, which starts tonight on Fox (whee!): "Michael is choosing to really stand and fight, as opposed to just fleeing to Panama. They’re going to stay and take on the government conspiracy, try to right old wrongs, and they get some really unexpected help from Agent Kellerman, who has been trying to kill them the last 30-some-odd episodes. And in true Prison Break style, the episode ends with a bang and we say goodbye to someone we’ve met before."

From Jackie:  Dawson Leery is coming back to TV!
Yes, he is, and millions will watch, because his episode of Criminal Minds airs right after the Super Bowl! I talked to Shemar Moore last week, who said "Forget Dawson's Creek or whatever you thought of James Van Der Beek before, because this man is a pimp! He is so good in this role." Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Penelope, echoed Shemar's sentiments. "I want to tell you about this one thing that he does, but it would give everything away about his character. But he was just amazing. If you saw the words on the page, you would freak. It would be so difficult not to do heavy-handed, but he plays it so well."

From Meliee:  Yay! HBO has announced a premiere date (Apr. 8) for The Sopranos and Entourage. Have you heard any scoop on either one?
I chatted with Kevin Dillon himself at the Access Hollywood Stuff You Must gift lounge, and he told me they start shooting again Feb. 22. Kevin said things are looking up for Johnny Drama: "His show has been looking pretty decent. And he's trying to work on his anger-management thing. He's got it contained for a little while, but I don't think it will last. As far as girls go, he just wants to play the field right now. He's not looking to get serious. His career is his girl." I’ll answer your Sopranos Q in the spoiler section.

From Donaldlll:  Please help feed my CSI addiction! I need to know what's going on.
How about CSI: NY news direct from Carmine Giovinazzo? I think he and Anna Belknap have crazy-good chemistry, and at the Access Hollywood Stuff You Must gift lounge, I asked him if there was any hope for his and Lindsay's budding relationship while Anna B. is away on maternity leave. He told me, "We've kind of been playing her being in Montana now, and it works out to being a really good storyline." Will she be back before the season finale? "I think so, definitely. I think we're going to be in the sack before the end of the season. We'll be making love." Ooh-la-la!

From Katie:  Did you watch Beauty and the Geek this week?! Insanity.
I did, and I just chatted with Andrea this morning. She was relieved that the producers decided to air Jennylee's meltdown and also their confrontation, because she felt it vindicated her feelings. "Before that, they weren't showing how the other girls were really acting, so it seemed like I was put out by nothing. I was so pleased to see that they included [that footage] because that's [Jennylee], that's who she is." Of course, Jennylee would disagree. I saw her at the CW party on Friday, and she was mortified by last week's episode. 

From Nelson:  What was your favorite TCA moment?
Bob Barker saying, "The price is right, bitch!" And playing Plinko. I’m a simple girl. Plus, it didn’t suck hanging out with Kiefer and Wentworth and Eric Mabius. Not one little bit.

SPOILER SECTION: Read at your own risk!

From Marsha:  On Grey's Anatomy, are Meredith and Derek getting engaged?
No. But someone is.

From April:  Kristin, one word:'s a f*&#ing force of nature.
I know! And you haven’t seen s&*# yet!

From Lola:  Are George and Callie definitely back together?
They are going to be together in the Biblical sense—over and over again—as he mourns his father. By the way, was that not the most heartbreaking episode ever? That was the death I was talking about when I said it would break your heart. I was hyperventilating! Originally, George’s father’s death was supposed to be one episode, but it was so good, they pulled it into two.

From Tracey:  New Lost ep—spill! I want to know everything.
No. You don’t. Trust me! Like I said, it really is the best episode of the season so far, and you’ll want to watch this one spoiler-free, my friend. Still, I will gently tease a few happenings to wet your whistle. Here’s what I can tell you:

  • Someone dies. (But it’s not someone you’ll cry over.)
  • Kate does have feelings for Jack (which will be open to your interpretation!).
  • Sheera comes to the rescue of Kate and Sawyer!
  • Evangeline Lilly is so physically fit, it’s sickening.
  • You will totally be sucked back in!

From Yiize222:  Anything on the new season of Sopranos?
A big death. Huge. Like, one of the people you’d think they could never kill off. It’s not Tony, but it’s not far off...

From Russell:  OMG! Alexis! Did anyone see that coming on Ugly Betty? What a freakin' fabulous curveball! That has got to go down as one of the all-time best plot twists! Was that always the plan or did the writers pull a switcheroo?
As far as I know, that was the plan all along—hence, the easily gender-changed name! It was great, was it not? I’ve heard from a friend who works on the show that the reason Alex faked his death was because when he told his father he was a transgender and wanted to go through a sex-change operation, his father said something like, "I’d rather you died." So, Alexis faked her death and is exacting revenge. The upcoming stuff is so, so good! You’re gonna flip. I've also heard (via a casting source) that Henry does have an ex who's coming back in the picture. Booo...

From Ana:  Veronica returns this week!
Hell yeah, it does. And I’m so excited, I could piddle—er, Pizzle. I ran into Jason Dohring at the CW party on Friday, and he told me Logan and Veronica reunite this week! Yes, that's right.  Unfortunately for Veronica, however, he also said there are prostitutes involved in the episode, and Logan has to answer a very pointed question about his experience with them. Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do? I also ran into Miss Veronica herself—yes, Kristen Bell, whom I always bow down to worship—and Chris Lowell (Piz) and Ryan Hansen (Dick) at the CW bash. I’ll be posting the video clips of them very soon (today or tomorrow), so stay tuned for that Mars-licious deliciousness! (And tune into Veronica Mars on Tuesday for the new batch of eps.)

From Kieika:  How about a little love for How I Met Your Mother?
How about a lotta?! I caught up with the cast at the CBS party—and let me tell you, those guys are always a good time. Love ‘em. I asked Alyson Hannigan if Lily and Marshall would get married this season, and she said, "I guess so! [Laughs.] I heard [executive producer] Carter Bay accidentally leaked it that we are going to have a wedding at the end of the year. He leaked it to the press before I even heard about it. I assume that it is our wedding, but who knows?" Yeah, something tells me it will be Lily and Marshall. I also had a nice chat with [cocreator] Craig Thomas, so more coming on that a little later.

From tvlvr112:  Any Bones scoop?
I’m officially in love with that cast. After fangirlishly and intensively dissecting the Hodgins-Angela relationship with Michaela Conlin (Angela), I threw myself on the mercies of executive producer Hart Hanson and asked him what he could tell me about their future. He offered only two words: Cleopatra’s bed. When I repeated those two words to T.J. Thyne (Hodgins), he broke into a huge grin and told me, "I can’t say much, but some interesting things happen under those sheets." Oooh! You know, I think I might be blushing!

From Williams:  House scoop?
One of you guys wanted to know if Dr. Wilson would be moving back in with Dr. House anytime soon. Just because I love you, I cornered Robert Sean Leonard at the buffet table to find out, and he said, "Oh! I have no idea. He’s still in the hotel." So, don’t send out any invitations to a House-Wilson slumber party just quite yet.

From Lewis:  More on House!
Lisa Edelstein is the woman I want to be when I grow up. I asked her if she thought there was a hint of a mommy-daddy vibe lately between Cuddy and House, especially in relation to Cuddy’s fertility issues and managing the residents, and she said, "She’s dedicated to keeping things under control. You know, I think their relationship is one between peers." And when I asked her if she thought she’d be pregnant by season’s end, she laughed, "Wait?! Me or Cuddy?!...Honestly, I don’t know!"

From Carly:  Oh my goodness! The Office was amazing this week. Does this mean Karen is officially out of the question for Jim? Please say yes.
Not exactly...Karen is sticking around all season long. But you will be happy with coming episodes!

Send your questions to Ask Kristin, then check back next week to see if it's answered. Happy tubing!

Additional reporting by the amazing, TCA-butt-kicking duo Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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