Pamela Anderson

Jeff Vespa/

Pamela Anderson is taking aim at the motley collection of rumors surrounding her relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Speaking with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday morning, the star of E!'s Pam: Girl on the Loose insists that, while the two do reside under the same roof, they are not romantically involved.

"We live together," says Pamela, but adds, "[I'm] not with him, with him." (Listen to the whole interview.)

Having said that, however, doesn't mean things can't change...

"You never know what could happen," she points out. "I mean, we can't get rid of each other, we love each other, you know? And it's kind of a funny, dysfunctional family like everybody else, but you know, hopefully one day we get it together. If not, we're really good friends."

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