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The he said, she said continues. And how.

Jessica Gibson, the one-time nanny who is suing—and is being sued by—Rob Lowe and his wife has denied every allegation of questionable behavior leveled at her in a sheaf of declarations the actor's camp filed last week.

First off, Gibson denies the statement made by her "estranged half-sister," who used to be the Lowes' estate manager, that Gibson was required to sign a confidentiality agreement when she came to work for the family.

"I do not think that I ever signed a confidentiality agreement…I do not remember being asked to sign one," Gibson stated in her own declaration, which was filed Wednesday and obtained by

She also denied ever telling her half-sis, Jamie, that she would never have gone after the Lowes for sexual harassment if they had just paid her the $200 they owed her.

"Back when she and I were speaking, I expressed the view that my claims were substantial," Gibson stated.

Before Gibson filed suit, the Lowes sued her for breach of contract, trespass and other work-related no-nos, claiming she had blabbed about their personal life to third parties and had engaged in a plot to extort money from them.

Last week's filing included statements from one of the Lowes' former chefs and a tennis instructor who both claimed Gibson regularly behaved in a sexually suggestive way around them, sometimes while the Lowes' young sons were around.

Bit by bit, Gibson denies the various details of the men's stories, including chef James Maclean's statement that she would pretend to be Lowe's wife Sheryl when she went shopping and tennis pro Nigel Armstrong's recollection that she pursued him even after he told her he had a serious girlfriend.

"We broke up because I learned that he had a girlfriend while he was seeing me," Gibson said. "He pursued me after the breakup."

In response to Sheryl Lowe's declaration that Gibson seemed to have a thing for Rob and would openly flirt with him while she was around, Gibson reiterated: "I did not flirt with or seek sexual or romantic attention from Rob Lowe. In fact, I protested against his attempts to obtain sexual gratification from me."

This increasingly sordid exchange began in April when Lowe blogged about Gibson's alleged attempt to obtain $1.5 million from him, writing on the Huffington Post that she had threatened to go public with a harassment tale if he didn't pay up.

That same week, he sued Gibson; Laura Boyce, another ex-nanny; and the family's former chef, Peter Clements, for breach of contract. (The suit against Clements has since been dropped.)

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