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musketeer2717 and about a hundred other people ask: Is there anyway somebody could be in the audience for the soup?
OK, it makes sense that maybe some folks don't visit the site every week or don't want to scour through all the archived posts for the answer to this question, so, to everyone as far as being in the audience goes, you can't. Due to a litany of equally complex and boring legal difficulties we are not able to have an audience at the show. It's not awesome, but it is what it is. So who are all those people you hear in the background and how did they get in there? They are E! employees and, in some cases, friends and family of E! employees. So your best bet is to either get a job here—unlikely—or doll yourself up and put the moves on someone who has a job here. Meet us at the Marie Callender's any weekday after six.

David Cook, American Idol

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paria asks: Can you please bring David Cook on the show? Thanks, that'd be great.
We'd love to, paria, but as you must be aware, David Cook's kind of a big deal these days, what with winning American Idol and being on Good Morning America, touring the country in huge arenas and everything. Plus, he seems like a genuinely nice guy and we're pretty much an anathema to those kind of weirdoes.

mijitfoot asks: friend jumped in the pool with his phone and i cant call him what do i do? i dont know what to do
You've made the right decision here, mijitfoot. In any emergency situation, your best bet is to quickly email a mid-rated basic cable entertainment show's infrequently updated blog. Then, wait the several days for the reply to be posted. Once it is, follow the directions exactly as stated.

Step one: Have you determined if your friend is still alive? If not, do it now. Awaiting your reply.

Narfezravl asks: Check out this video. It would be perfect for the show. It's a Chicago area local commercial for a Kia dealership.

We were going to suggest that Right Said Fred might seek an injunction against this based on unauthorized use of their song, but upon second viewing, it's uncertain whether the man actually is singing their song. Or, even, singing at all. Do they make bathtubs for eyes?

snyderb20 asks: Is the real-life Joel anything like the Joel that we see on TV? What is his favorite food?
Yes, snyderb20, Joel is very much the same person that you see on TV each week. As to your second question, Joel's favorite food is probably whatever scraps Ryan Seacrest throws him.

beanster09 asks: Are you ever going to bring back the Reba impersonator on the show? She was hilarious!
That's Reba's call and unless she starts acting a whole lot less rational than she has been, our Reba will stay in her cryogenic tube. P.S. Read here, if you haven't already.

Joel McHale

Jeremy Cowart / E! Networks

timeisrunningout1 asks: I was just wondering what Joel's comedy shows are like. I bought tickets for one in Boston in July, and since I laugh my ass off at The Soup all the time, I'm hoping it's somewhat similar...thanks!
The live and in person Joel McHale comedy experience typically begins just like an episode of The Soup—television shows, pop culture news, etc., but before it's over you will find yourself completely transformed into an all-powerful achiever and a master in every area of your life. You will demand nothing short of excellence in yourself and those around you. Every fiber of your being will resonate with the empowering freedom that only the Joel McHale system of personal and financial success can bring. Become part of our worldwide family of high-powered, professional-minded moment-seizers today! For locations and dates, click here!

crimson_softball_chick asks: Is there anyway someone can work on The Soup?
If there is, we certainly haven't discovered it yet. We'll keep you updated though.

Miley Cyrus

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chesse55 asks: why don't you ever talk about Miley a.k.a Hanna Montana no buddy likes her
Thank you for asking, chesse55! The reason why we don't often cover shows like Hannah Montana, The Naked Brothers Band, Drake & Josh or The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is because they are all ably handled by our tween-centric sister show, Tee-Vee Crouton, which airs twice a month on Canadian public television throughout Manitoba and intermittently in parts of Newfoundland. Hosted by 14-year old Welsh superstar Aderyn Llwyd, aka Callie O'Malley, TVC offers a Soup-ish tongue-in-cheek skewering of pop culture for an audience caught between Club Libby Lu and Hot Topic. Ask your local cable provider to add the Seal Trust Network to your dish subscription or you can catch up on the TVC BBS, and, yes, it is both Commodore 64 and Vic 20 compatible.

Tyra Banks

James Devaney/

Mommycomic asks: My name is Debi Gutierrez and I host A Place of Our Own on PBS. We were nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Informational Talk against Dr. Phil and Tyra Banks. Tyra won. Could you look at clips of our show and hers and then tell me, how the hell did we lose??? The show submitted by our station was "What are the symptoms of autism and what can be done for your autistic child?" Hers was the "My Big Fat Ass" show! Please help!
Wow. We thought that, as a society, we were through with this kind of bald-faced intolerance, but apparently Mommycomic wants to test us here. OK. For the record, The Soup Blog will not stand for any words, deeds or action that insult, patronize or otherwise demean the very real crisis of big fat asses. This is a disease, people! We need to find a cure and it's not going to happen by us just sitting around on our...uh, chairs. Hey, Mommycomic, here's an idea: Why don't you stop complaining and start working toward finding a cure for big fat asses and maybe one day Tyra won't have to do her show anymore and then you'll finally get your precious award?

julie72 asks: Working from home gives me the opportunity to watch a lot of television. What's a girl gotta do to get a shot at writing for The Soup?!
Sorry, julie72, we have an excellent writing staff right now with which we are mostly satisfied. Thanks for your interest though!

The Soup - Behind the Scenes: Domenico, Joel McHale

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jdknyc asks: What the fu??????? I live for The Soup. So smart. So funny. This last episode SUCKED. Totally SUCKED. Not good fellas. DON'T DROP THE BALL THIS BADLY AGAIN! Totally sucked dude!
We get complaints. It's true. It's certinaly nothing we take pride in, but it happens. Occasionally, the show disappoints. That's not the case here though. Simply put, you guys are wrong on this and may want to examine yourselves to see what it is that's lacking in you to prevent you from enjoying our consistently top-notch television enjoyment. Maybe you're not drinking enough?

lam1960 asks: I don't have a question, but wanted to point out that on the June 20 episode, Joel referred to "Dr. Joseph Goebbels." I think he meant Dr. Joseph Mengele. Goebbels was the propaganda minister for the Nazis, Mengele was the evil doctor who performed hideous experiments at Auschwitz. Both of them were evil, but there is a distinction.
Oops. You're absolutely right. Just to let you know, upon the staff's return from vacation, the writer responsible for that error will be immediately fired and escorted out of the building, regardless of how much he whines about his family.

Tom Cruise, Dr. Drew Pinsky

Ron Wolfson/,

tvisgoodforyou2 asks: If your show is going to mock someone's incorrect word usage, it helps to get yours right. In the Tom Cruise-Dr. Drew segment, Joel made fun of Cruise's lawyer for confusing the terms "slander" and "libel." Unfortunately, earlier in the piece, he too confused words, incorrectly using "infer" instead of "imply." You imply, I infer.
Well, you may infer freely that beginning next week, The Soup will be looking to fill two writing staff vacancies. Hey, crimson_softball_chick and julie72, can you get here by Monday at ten?

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