Tess Rafferty, Greg Fideler

Hello reader(s),

One request we've received multiple times is to keep our smart-alec comments to ourself. Second in popularity to that would be, "Please tell us, your loyal readership, how does The Soup become what it is every Friday? In other words, would you please give us a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of this surprisingly popular and well-received television program?"

The answer to one of your questions is, "Yes."

Starting today and lasting through the rest of the week, we'll be presenting the blogumenatry (just made that word up) series, Inside Jokes—a daily examination of the process whereby a clip appears on the final show. These posts will be written by the person involved in each step and offer an assuredly welcome respite from my pleonasm.

Part 1, premiering today and following this post, is from Soup writer and performer Tess Rafferty.


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