Borat's back…where was Sacha Baron Cohen seen working on the next project for his hit, horny, hairy character? Plus, Denise Richards' new movie is apparently a dud, quelle surprise, Haylie Duff and Brody Jenner play coy for the cameras and Wilmer Valderrama works his security staff overtime!
Sacha Baron Cohen

20th Century Fox

Just when you thought he’d retired his singlet for good, Borat’s back…and coming to a coffee table near you, great. Yep, we kid you not. Borat: The Book is currently in the works and Sacha Baron Cohen shot pics for the publication right below our E! offices on Wilshire at the Meridian Sports Club. Sacha sported his bright green unitard for the shoot, in which he was doing rather inappropriate moves in yoga class, quelle surprise.

“He was really nice,” dished a fellow participant in the photo shoot. “He was impressed with how long we could hold the poses.” And even though Sacha was dressed as Borat, i.e., unscrewable mid-Euro-trailer trash, he actually wasn’t talking it up in character—for once. Interesting, as this is the same dude who likes to lapse into Borat-ese when asked questions he’d rather not answer in press rooms.

“He was talking normal, in his regular British accent,” reported our Lyrca-witness. Guess since there were no boom mikes around to get sound bites, We hear more shoots are coming up with SBC getting a massage, going to a spa and other pampered proceedings. Here’s hoping he gets his chest waxed at one of these photo ops, already.

Wilmer Valderrama

Barry King/

Wilmer Valderrama, guarding his smallish bod at Geisha House. Lindsay Lohan’s first love stopped into his sushi spot Thursday night with an entourage and mean-ass goon-guard in tow, natch. Wilmer was rockin’ a green hat, a chain and some serious facial scruff. Wilmer’s security guy apparently doubles as a server, too, as he made a beeline for the bar, where he got Wilmer and brown-schnozzin’ hangers-on shots and cocktails galore. Hope he gets tipped beaucoup bucks for that double duty! Using hired help in another city was…

Debra Messing

Paul Fenton/

Debra Messing, pushing her son in a stroller through SoHo. Deb-doll was spotted with a nanny-assistant type on Lafayette between Grand and Broome Monday afternoon. “She looked normal,” says my walk witness of Deb’s sundress-and-flip-flops getup. “She had her very red and frizzy hair up in a half ponytail and was wearing no makeup, save for some lip gloss.” The Emmy-nominated Starter Wife star stopped at a newsstand to browse the racks. Looking for yourself in the rags, babe? Not wanting press, for once, was…

Brody Jenner, Haylie Duff

Chris Farina/

Brody Jenner and Haylie Duff, at Stuff magazine’s party Saturday. Tao in Sin City. The two were sure to play coy when cameras were around and not pose together, but after most photogs left, party peeps saw them sitting together, flirting and sipping champagne. So are they, or aren’t they, already? Certainly seemed like something was going down, although we hear they came to Vegas separately and had different rooms at the Venetian. Hilary Duff has already gone on record saying she doesn’t approve of her big sis dating Brody, so maybe they’re trying to keep it a secret from her? Far less self-aware was…

Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow, out for a run before her concert. Sheryl was spotted jogging Monday evening in front of the Toledo Zoo, less than two hours before her show there the very same night. “She was tiny and with a bodyguard,” reports Desk Sweat. As great as her form was, we hear she was even better on stage. The singer was “great” live and talked about global warming, hybrid cars and changing lightbulbs during her show. Now that’s hot!

Denise Richards

Kevin Mazur/

After wrapping Blonde and Blonder with Pam Anderson, that talented thespian and home-rearrangin' hon Denise Richards is filming Deep in the Valley with Scott Caan and Tracy Morgan. Apparently, Ms. R plays a cheerleader/sorority girl/porn star character, and word on the set is it’s not exactly Oscar-worthy material.
“It’s the stupidest movie ever,” sniffs an on-set source. One big scene filmed involves Denise and another girl having a wet T-shirt contest and saying things like “This is the wettest I’ve ever been!” Wow…sounds like real Judi Dench material!
Richie Sambora

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

The only good news is that Denise isn’t all diva-esque. “When she hangs out in her trailer, she leaves the door open,” gabs Desk Peroxide. Hmmm…hoping Richie Sambora might reconsider and stop by, babe?
Hank Azaria

Djamilla Rosa/WireImage

Hank Azaria, cruisin’ down Beverly Boulevard this weekend in his brand-new metallic-gray Aston Martin, convertible top, natch. The Simpsons star donned a low-key look in a sleeveless white tee while gabbin’ on his cell. Though Hanky-poo looked a little lost, as he was keepin’ them peepers on every street sign, we think H.A. for sure knows the way straight to the bank. Right, Hanky? Takin’ a wheelie cue on the same coast was...

Jay Leno

Mike Guastella/

Jay Leno, haulin’ ass in an old Model T-lookin’ mobile. Benedict Canyon, City of Fallen Pompadours. The car-crazed host with the most was sans oh so celebish dark shades and was lookin’ rather big ’n’ bushy, as one Mountain Mouth said. Also in a hairy sitch of another sort elsewhere was…

Luke Wilson

Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Luke Wilson, strollin’ and chattin’ it up in the West Village. New Yawk. The comedic cutie was decidedly less amused as he was havin’ a hell of an argument via cell. Though a glowin’ L.W. kept it low-key in jeans ’n’ a tee, the lanky lad was also rockin’ a new pin-thin look, as one skinny spy said. He was “incredibly thin, almost emaciated,” our cal-counting chica dished. Troubles killin’ your appetite, Luke-doll? Here’s my advice: Get off that phone ’n’ back to the fridge, ya hear! Back in Hell-Ay, also in need of a little pampering was…

Bruce Willis

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

Bruce Willis, hittin’ up the Century City Bluemercury store last Monday. The Die Hard dude, clad in plaid shorts, a tee, baseball cap ’n’ tennies, kept his shaded eyes on the prize as he stocked up on sweet-smellin’ goodies for his three gals at home. No worries, though— Bruce-babe was not without some femme-like advice, as he was accompanied by a mystery hon (female). “They weren't lovey-dovey or anything,” a shoppin’ snooper professed. Also in Bruce’s bag? Shaving cream! For that famous shiner, we presume.

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