Is Jaime Pressly really expecting, or was poor Jason Lee just all thrown off by us rabid reporters when he said so? Why's Diane Lane steppin' out at the Hollywood Awards...Somethin' sure had her hot 'n' bothered! Plus, come muse on who Slurpa Pop-Off's really sluttin' around T-town with this time...yech!
Jamie Pressly

Nancy Kaszerman/

Tuesday night, Jaime Pressly hosted the launch party for the new UltraLuxe Collection from Sonya Dakar at her new, classy clinic in Beverly Hills. 'Course, I remembered when her My Name Is Earl costar, Jason Lee, had told a bunch of us reporters a few weeks ago how the recently engaged gal would also be a great mom. I felt a little like Us Weekly, but I was dyin' to get the skinny on if we should start a bump watch for Jaim, or somethin'.

And when the supersvelte gal hit the red carpet in a black Empire-waist silk top that was suspiciously loose around the tummy, fuel was added to the fetal fire, as it were. (At least for moi.) So, I asked if congrats were in order for anything other than her new engagement and told her what Jason told us.

"No," she shot back. "What happened was all of you guys on the press line said 'She's pregnant and engaged, what do you have to say to her?' to trick him, and Mr. Gullible doesn't know any better because he doesn't do very much press, and he said, 'Oh, I think she'll be a great mom.' "

My Name Is Earl, Jason Lee

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Um, dollface, I was there on said night, and it didn't exactly happen that way. Some of us inky types were wondering if the pregnancy rumors were true, but I highly doubt Mr. Lee was in earshot. And I believe the exact question posed was: "Any well wishes for your costar Jaime?"

"And the next day, he came to the set and said 'Were you gonna tell me you were pregnant?' " J.P. continued. "And I said, 'Yeah. When I am, I will.' "

So, there you have it, folks, straight from the sassy source. Denial, apparently, is not just a river in Egypt.

Although, really, Jaime, a word to the wisecrack: If you're trying to quash the reproductive rumors, you might want to rethink the flowy, maternity-type tops. Just a bit o' (unasked for) advice.

Regardless, gotta give props to Miz P. for bein' a good sport, because she kept chattin' after she cleared up the pesky preggers stuff. I asked if she thought the new anti-aging line was a good way to combat T-town's friggin' obsession with plastic surgery.

"I think there's tons of ways to avoid plastic surgery, like just drinking a ton of water and exercising and taking care of yourself in general," advised the disgustingly youthful star of  My Name Is Earl. (Would love to see, say, Faye Dunaway's reax to said suggestion from such a lovely young thang.)

Sharon Stone

Frederic Injimbert/

"But, you know, aging is inevitable," added the petite princess, almost as if she were reading my mind. "When I'm 50, I may say 'Ya know what, it's time for the facelift myself.' Who knows? I'm not one to tell people not to go get plastic surgery done if they want it, but at the same time, I'm definitely down for doing anything I can to try to not get that."

Sharon S., did I just hear you whoop up a high five from Bel-Air?

Josh Brolin

Glenn Weiner/

Oh, cupcakes, almost forgot to tell you the following tantalizing tidbit from the Hollywood Awards I gabbed about yesterday. Diane Lane, who was on hand to present the award for Best Supporting Actor to Ben Affleck, came without her hub-unit, Josh Brolin. Quelle surprise!

This, of course, after he didn't show up for her Hell-Ay premiere of Hollywoodland a month ago, either. And her rep's assurance that everything was just peachy keen between the two formerly feuding lovebirds. Like, I know you two are busy bees, but would it kill ya to attend a fancy-schmancy event together once in a while? You haven't stepped out together since March, for gawd's sake.

Lindsay Lohan

Lester Cohen/

The lovely Diane seemed a touch frustrated that night and understandably so. See, the press still outside the ballroom on the carpet were screaming and clamoring for some reveler who showed up superlate (fairly certain it was Saint Lohan herself), and the noise was throwin' poor Diane off her game. "Can everyone in the back please be quiet?" she finally said. "I may not be Clint Eastwood (who had just been on the podium himself), but I've had about enough!"

You tell 'em, Di! Was it just those rude red carpet peeps outside or something (or someone) else causin' a crack in her usually calm demeanor?

To be fair, Ben did mention in his speech that D.L. was taking time out of a "family function" to be there and that she should leave and get back to it pronto. So, maybe that's where her hubby was on said night.

Karaoke night at Babs', perhaps?

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