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So. Freaking. Good.

That's all I can say after last night's Heroes, which reminded me, after a far too long hiatus, why we love this show so much. Stuff happens. Big stuff. In every single episode. And last night was no exception, so let's assess...

What We Learned

Peter Is Invincible!  You didn't really think Milo Ventimiglia was being killed off the show, didya? Still, the way in which he came back—being saved by the lovely lady we thought might be his future love interest but turned out to be his niece, Claire—was fuzzy-bunny-feel-good, was it not?

Isaac...Not So Much:  Poor Santiago Cabrera has known for ages he was being written off the show, but let me tell you, while Tawny Cypress admitted she "cried and cried and cried" (awww, pookie!), Santiago took the news like a champ. When asked about the "next death" (his own) at the season-wrap party, Santiago told me: "It is sad, it kind of in a way breaks up the little family that you had. On the other hand, it's always been the case that this could happen. Most of the time, it’s understandable [when they write someone off the show]. The person’s time has come. Everything is just done for a reason. Anything that will make the story better or more exciting. You just have to accept it." Well, Santiago, I, for one, will miss the show's resident sexy Latino Hero! And also those kickass paintings...(More on that below.)

What Lies Ahead (Spoiler Alert!)

Sylar's Gonna Make Some "Drawerings":  And I use the pronunciation from Mike Myers' character on Saturday Night Live (you do remember cheeky monkey Simon in the bathtub, don't you?) because that's exactly how the paintings of the future are gonna look from now on. Like a five-year-old drew them. As I've been hinting at for a while now, the power of the Hero who dies—whom we now know to be Isaac—will live on in Sylar. "I've been doing mostly stick figures lately," Tim Sale tells me, referring to Sylar's latest hobby. And since Sylar is the only one who can now paint the future, well, they can't very well kill him off, can they? Can they? Discuss below.

Sulu Is Back!  Hiro's dad will return and teach him how to use the sword. There is much more to Hiro's father than meets the eye!

Linderman Can Do Good:  And he might just do good by Nathan's wife (Rena Sofer). And I am not talking about an indecent proposal, you dirty-birdy brains.

So...what did you all think of the episode? Got theories? Gripes? Raves? Comment away below!

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