Lost: Henry Ian Cusick

Mario Perez/ABC

Well, well, well...Desmond's hoodoo voodoo wins again, and there's a new player in the game. Let's discuss!

Parachute Babe:  Is she a plant? Didn't Benry once claim to have arrived in a hot-air balloon? I feel like magically falling out of the sky via parachute isn't so far from that. More importantly, what does she add to the story? If she wakes up, will she be able to tell us about the current state of the world? And is she from Brazil or Angola or perhaps São Tomé and Príncipe? See, she understands Portuguese, according to the cover of her reading material (Ardil-22 = Catch-22 in Portuguese), which ties her to the boys in the hatchcicle during last season's finale, and she has a photo of Penny and Desmond, so she's probably working for the good lady Widmore, but who's to say? This show has made me so paranoid I can't see straight! 

Isaac, Abraham, Charlie, Desmond:  What do you guys think? Is Desmond subverting the will of God by saving Charlie from persistent, certain death? Or is it Charlie who's failing the test by not having faith in Desmond? And how sucky is it that our favorite brotha has the power to see such a ceaselessly, gruesome, tragic future? It seems like a horrible cross to bear, to use another religious metaphor.

Daniel Dae Kim:  Could I love him more? Could someone please arrange some sort of press junket where he just tells ghost stories in Korean? I nearly hurt myself laughing! Too bad there wasn’t time for Hurley’s tale of the chupacabra.

Phil Collins!  Sawyer made Kate a mix tape. Okay, he stole Bernard’s Phil Collins tape, but still. (And girl, you'd best apologize to that boy. And soon.)

Other fun Easter Eggs:

  • The antique-store lady from Desmond’s last flashback appeared in a photo on the desk of the head of the monastery! Is it a mental loop of Desmond’s that means nothing? Or were they both intentionally prodding Desmond to the island.
  • The song they were whistling was from the Bridge on the River Kwai and was revisited in The Breakfast Club. (“A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal..."—who’s who?)
  • I’m told the vintage of the wine was 1995, so we can extrapolate that’s when Desmond and Penny first met. And aren’t they adorable! (Desmond and Kate both have some god-awful commitment issues, don’t they?)
  • Des is a fan of the football club Glasgow Celtic.
  • The island has a patch of psychedelic mushrooms. Hee! That’s going to be a fun episode.

And now, only five weeks left until you get to see who bites it. Eek. The suspense is killing me. How 'bout you?

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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