Hump Day Stumper

It's time for another edition of Hump Day Stumper, also known as Wednesdays Make-a Me Crazay! to many of you readers.

Today's no-name ditty goes a little somethin' like so...

Reba the Reality Diva
Reba is kind of a famous. Even though she didn't win her show, per se, she has a nice, devoted fan base and some serious onscreen ass...ets. This is why Reba decided she needed to star in the new movie written by a certain TV actor (and writer and director and ladies' man, swoon) whom we'll call Lothario Luther. Now here's where it gets fun. At a recent soiree, Reba marched right up to Luther and said, "You should have me as the star of your next film." But, see, Luther had never seen Reba act (nor has anyone else) so he politely told her he'd consider it, then, somewhat miraculously, actually offered her a guest spot on his beloved ('round here anyway) TV show.  So what did Reba do? She turned him down. I'm guessing that means she's set her sights on the big screen now...much like that Jennifer what's-her-name.

Got guesses? A movie role to offer? Well then, comment away below.


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