Tubers, I have good news for you: Mama ate some bad mahimahi. By "mama" I do mean me, and by "bad mahimahi" I mean, well, something that really made me sick.

So why is my nausea good news for you? Because I have no energy to be coy and cutesy and teasy, so I'm just gonna give you straight and direct answers. No pussyfooting around, which I'm guessing will make many of you very happy! So here we go...

Carrie in Wailuku, Hawaii: Have you heard anything about Supernatural's chances for a third season?
Sadly, it's not looking good. Ditto for Gilmore Girls. And The Class.

Stephanie in Hermosa Beach, California: Who's the identity of the good guy in the latest Hump Day Stumper?
Masi Oka! (<3)

Eugenia in Washington, D.C.: Everyone is going to die on Heroes?
Yes. Watch my latest Vine show in the video player on this page. 

Jamie in Mobile, Alabama: Are **** and ****** siblings on Lost?
I just found out. I will tell you in the spoiler section. 

Alex in San Francisco: I love Knights of Prosperity! It's gotta be the most fun show to watch on television, and I'm dreadfully terrified that it might go away. Don't let it go away, Kristin, please. Spread the word, get it out there. Think of all of Gourishankar's children!
I'm sorry to tell you that ABC officially axed Knights this morning, Alex. I'm starting a collection for Gourishankar's kids. Donations welcome.  

Jesi in Oklahoma City: Um, Battlestar? What the frakking frak?! She...They...[Tears.] The world seems to be spinning and not making any sense. Can you make it better? Please! I just—they can't really do that can they? Isn't there like some rule or mandate or unwritten understanding? Why?
These are all very good questions! All I know is that I interviewed Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber the weekend after they shot this episode—where, you know, Starbuck dies—and while they'd clearly just had an intense week, neither of them seemed to be in mourning and Katee was still speaking about her character in the present tense. After last night's shocking twist, I went back to my notes, and I found that when I asked Katie about what she wanted for Starbuck, she replied, "My hope for the character is that she finds peace, and my fear is that she is gonna be a Cylon." Hmmm...

Thomas in Columbia, South Carolina: Does Veronica Mars have five or six eps left this season? The CW trailer that was aired after "Papa's Cabin" said six left, but it was originally 20, making it five left, before. Have they changed their minds and picked it up for 21 episodes, or was it just a mess up on the CW's part?
Per Rob Thomas: "We have five left this season. It was a mistake on the CW's part."

Becky in Wyandotte, Michigan: Were you surprised that Michael Ausiello reported Goran Visnjic is "leaning toward not renewing his contract"?
No. I was transported back in time to October (meow!), when I ask Goran whether he's staying and ran the following quote from him: "I have been on the show for seven years, and this is season eight for me, and it's just...I've been here for a long time, so it is time to think about other things." 

Maggie in Yadkinville, North Carolina: Is Goran leaving ER?
I hear he will if NBC doesn't pony up a boatload of money. Hence, the open discussion (and quote above) to show he's seriously considering signing off. 

Katie in Vancouver, British Columbia: When we can expect to see the third season of Weeds?
I'm hearing June. The cast goes back into production April 16. And it's not looking good for Nonrad. (A funny coupling name given that Nancy and Conrad are so rad, right?) 

Peechee in Billings, Montana: You mentioned a long time ago this section format would be improved. Any word?
Yes. It's happening very soon, and I think it's gonna rock. Most important, it looks like we'll have a chat button in the sidebar so you can find this sucker more easily.

Anne in New York City: On Brothers & Sisters, will Emily VanCamp become a regular? Her interaction last night with Dave Annable was so great! I want more. Maybe this is what Justin needs—to not be the baby anymore and to get to be the big brother.
Anne, I totally agree—and I will try to dig for the EVC/Rebecca dirt at tonight's Brothers & Sisters Paley Festival panel. And although I'm not sure how long Emily will stick around, I can tell you that we'll be meeting several other characters who have quite a bit in common with all the Walker kids. In fact, if their own parents weren't in the ep (which they are), you might think William Walker fathered a whole slew of other kids!

Gina in Atlanta, Georgia: Are you interviewing Kentucky (aka Mary and David of The Amazing Race) today? I cried when they were eliminated yesterday.
Korbi just chatted with them, so I'll let her answer this one for you... Korbi: I had a great talk with Mary and David this morning! They told me how different the race was the second time around, because they were already fans of all their competitors (since this is the All-Star edition). They said they really liked Rob and Amber and couldn't believe how normal and down-to-earth they were. "He makes fun of her and she makes fun of him, and they're just real. Very nice people," David told me. However, their experience with Charla and Myrna was quite different. "I wasn't kidding when I said I would've loved to [beat] them," Mary told me. "I don't like the people they are. I don't like how they treat taxi drivers and complete strangers and other racers. When you're on the show, you are representing your home state, your community and America. I didn't like the sort of Americans they were." The good news is you may get to see Mary and David again! David is dying to do Big Brother and Survivor. He told me he's waiting by the phone for them to call.

Yolanda in Rex, Georgia: Will Loretta Devine be making any more appearances on Grey's before the season is over? I won't accept that this is the end of the road for the chief and his Adele. Especially now since Ellis is dead!
I totally just ran into the divine Loretta Devine at the Independent Spirit Awards and asked her if she'd be back on Grey's after slamming the door in the chief's face. She said, "I hope so…like the chief wasn't cheating! They don't let you know ahead of time what's going to happen, but I hope she comes back." 

Libby in Nicholasville, Kentucky: Could you tell me when/if The Shield is coming back? I miss me some Vic!
Season six of The Shield premieres Tuesday, April 3, a week after Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox kiss off the first season of Dirt.

Erika in Plymouth, Michigan: I heard Showtime is putting Al Gore's documentary about global warming and the environment on TV soon. Can you find out when, please?
Yes, indeedy. Showtime is airing An Inconvenient Truth, on television for the first time, this March 11 at 8 p.m. (Save the atmosphere, save the world!)

(Don't read if you don't want to know!)

Jamie in Mobile, Alabama: Are Claire and Jack siblings on Lost?
Big spoiler alert.
Yes, they are. And we'll know it before they do.

From George in Tallahassee, Florida: Who is the new female regular on Lost?
I'm pretty sure she's a subterranean character. Damon and Carlton seemed to admit there's a whole underground contingency on the island in the latest Lost Redux video clip.

Julie Ann in New York City: Heroes scoop!
Mohinder figures out that Sylar is the big bad and lures him back to his place to kill him. Turns out, Sylar is stronger than Mohinder. Go figure! HRG, Ted and Matt end up in the slammer. And Peter's working on his own rendition of Blondie's "Head of Glass." Or was that "Heart of Glass"? Anyway, looks like he's dying from a shard of glass, but much like Meredith (last week), it's not likely to stick.

Kerryanne in Arlington, Massachusetts: Heroes is the greatest show on TV right now. But my one problem with it is I cannot for the life of me figure out Niki. The second I think I've finally got her down, they do something crazy to her, and I'm all confused again. I get that her "hero" power is superstrength, but what is the deal with Jessica? What is Niki's power on Heroes?
All I know is that by the end of the season, either Niki or Jessica win out and have sole control of Ali Larter's once whip-creamed body.

May in Providence, Rhode Island: Who plays Linderman on Heroes?
Malcolm McDowell.

Chelle in Cartersville, Georgia: Grey's Anatomy! Who's going to hook up?
Addison and McSteamy. And Izzie and...oh, I can't tell you that! I might be wanting to die today, but on most other days I do like my life. 

Kelly in Elma, Washington: Loved, loved The Black Donnellys! Is there any scoop?
Tommy and Jenny do the nasty in tonight's episode, but it comes back to bitch-slap him when Jenny tells Tommy she cannot be with him. Like, ever. Arrrggghhh! Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new Jim and Pam. And when they touch foreheads next week, you'll squeal. Don't forget to watch tonight! This show really does keep getting better.

Emma in Toronto, Ontario: I love The L Word. Give it, girl.
Oooh, okay. I mean, I'm not feeling well right now, but if you want to meet at my place later on for... Oh. You meant to give you scoop, didn't you? Anyway, episode 11, Tina breaks up with Henry as she realizes she has the hots for film director Kate (Annabella Sciorra). And Tasha tells Alice she's going back to Iraq.

Rachael in New York City: Do you have any scoop on House?
I spoke with House executive producer Katie Jacobs last week and asked her if the creators have a vested interest in any one of the many possible House hookups, and she said, "No, I think you know there are equal chances he could wind up with Cuddy or Cameron or someone new, or Wilson for that matter, which I love to play with." For the full Q&A with Katie on the occasion of her directorial debut, check back tomorrow!

Caitlin in Athens, Georgia: I'm really enjoying the new season of ABC Family's Wildfire, but is Pablo really leaving Raintree? Say it ain't so!
It's true, although he's just around the bend at Davis Farm. Short-term, Matt tries to take the lead while they look for another trainer. Long-term, I'm told there's some tension between him and Kris, especially since she's being hired to ride one of the Raintree horses that Pablo's been training.

Penny in Pittsburgh: Can you tell us anything about the episode of The Office that was previewed at Paley?
In "Labor Negotiation," Michael Scott discovers Wikipedia, Darryl puts his cell-phone camera to hilarious use and Toby finds himself "preparing for the deposition." Also, road trip! 

Esther in the Netherlands: Any Bones scoop please!
Couples therapy! Bones thinks psychology is bunk but remains somewhat curious about what exactly happens in a shrink's office, so in an upcoming ep, Bones and Booth share a session with Gordon Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry).

Andrea in Danbury, Connecticut: I like Gaby's new admirer on Desperate Housewives. Does he have a chance?
I believe he does! I don't know if he's quite marriage material, but I do know that he'll grow on Gaby and stick around for a bit.

That's it for today! Email or click the Ask Kristin button at left to submit a Q; then check back Monday for the latest Vine show and Tuesday for the chat to see if I've answered you. Thanks for playing. Gotta go chug more Pepto. Wish me luck.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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