Hey, guys! I've got lots to spill today—everything from the Grey's death to CSI: Miami's casualty to the latest love triangle on Ugly Betty. So, let's dig in!

From Deirdre in Dublin, Ireland: Entourage! Any scoop on the upcoming season? You've got me hooked, and I need something to keep me going.
Here's some caliente dish that will go gloriously with your Guinness: I've just learned exclusively that Entourage is planning a big episode with Jennifer Lopez! I'm told by sources that the writers have written a really fantastic guest spot for her in the coming season, and she would be playing herself; however, it isn't a done deal yet, because, as far as my sources know, the producers haven't yet approached Jennifer to guest star, so she hasn't signed on—yet. But she's gotta, right? I mean, really. Who can resist a little screen time with Ari and Vinnie?!

From Laura in Chicago: You said Jeffrey Dean Morgan is coming back to Grey's Anatomy, and I just can't wait. Is it just one episode? You also said no dream or flashback, so is it a hallucination? Can you tell us which episode? Can you give us any more hints as to how he comes back? Pretty please with sugar on top.  
Wow, Laura, you ridin' the sugar train already, my sweet? You've got a lotta Q's! Yes, J.Mo, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) is indeed coming back (for more than one ep, as far as I know) and sadly, I can't say anything more about his Grey's return. Still, I do have a little exclusive scoop on J.D.M.'s other TV whereabouts: The CW has confirmed to me exclusively that Jeffrey—aka Papa—will be coming back to Supernatural this season! Yes, Jeffrey, Jensen and Jared are reuniting and it feels so good—and of course, looks so good. (Just when you thought you could put the bib away!)

From Katarina: I love your new Vine show! Will that be airing every Monday?
Thank you! And yes. The show will go live on E! Online every Monday morning. And guess what? You can also now watch me dishing out scoop on E!—yes, real TV—on Saturday mornings! Starting this Saturday, I'm hosting a chunk of programming from 9 a.m. to noon called "Brunch Buzz." Basically, it's the best of The Soup, E! News and Daily 10, and you'll see me throughout the morning delivering TV scoop and also interviewing some of our favorite peeps—and answering your fantastic questions! Should be fun. I hope you'll watch. (P.S. I've added this week's Vine show to the top of this page, just case any of you missed it—since it is the first one.)

From Stuart in Miami: How amazing was last week's Lost! The show is totally back on track—just when I thought it had lost me! (Pun intended.) What can you tell me about this week's episode?
I'm so glad so many of you loved the ep. I thought it was stunning. Ditto for this week's episode, which is Desmond-centric, and let me tell you, there is nothing you could possibly have planned for Valentine's Day that should keep you away from watching it! Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) is phenomenal, and this is unlike any other episode we've seen. The producers tease there will be "significant answers" as to what happened to Desmond.

From Kara in Greenwood, Indiana: What happened to Holly on The Class?
According to my sources, Lucy Punch (Holly) was unhappy and wanted to leave the show. I reported that a little more than a month ago, and you can go to this link for a refresher!

From Michael in San Luis Obispo, California: I heard Joss Whedon is directing The Office! Can you tell us anything about his ep?
I can tell you that it airs this Thursday, that it's about Michael going to business school with Ryan (the temp) and that it's gonna be freakin' hilarious! Don't believe me? Watch this clip. And FYI, JJ Abrams is directing the episode that airs next week! Office cast, please tell me you're pissing yourself with excitement right now to be working with the two best TV directors alive! (On a related note, the next two episodes of my new Vine show will be directed by Stan, our security guard.)

From Lauren: I must have scoop on The Office. It's killing me! Anything you could tell me would be great!
Okay, then. Straight from the cast and crew, I give you brand-new shiny...foilers! Executive producer Greg Daniels spilled at last night's WGA Awards that "Toby murders Michael." B.J. Novak was a little cagier, saying only, "I cannot give you any spoilers about the Jim-Dwight romance." (Love. Them.)

From Mandi in Boston: What happened to Andy from The Office? The last thing I remember is him punching a hole in the wall and he's been MIA ever since. What gives?
Fear not, Ed Helms (Andy) is now a series regular, and I'm told the producers love him (smart souls) and plan to give him even more focus in coming episodes. Yay!

From Danielle: I'm addicted to Ugly Betty and Christopher Gorham. Please tell me we will see a lot more of him!
Yes! Christopher, aka that Wicked Henry, is sticking around for the rest of the season. That's the good news. The bad? Well, I caught up with Ugly Betty executive producer Silvio Horta (love him) at last night's Writers Guild of America Awards, and he told me, "We meet Henry's girlfriend this week, and it's impossible to not like her." I'm going to give it the old college try—no one comes between my beloved Hetty!—although given that Henry's girlfriend is played by Jayma Mays (the dead waitress from Heroes), my chances don't look good.

From Tomas in Stockholm, Sweden: Why do you call Betty and Henry "Hetty"? Why not Benry?
Benry = Gross, creepy Other dude from Lost we do not want to see naked. Hetty = Hot Betty coupling we want to see, complete with steaming glasses and locking retainers. Got it?

From Randall in Albuquerque: What's the one thing we must watch this week?
The Cheaters marathon on Valentine's Day on cable network G4. 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Duh!

From Carla in New Jersey: Can you please get Cecille kicked off Beauty & the Geek? What was that crazy speech she made after winning in the elimination room? So inappropriate!
Jennylee's thoughts exactly. I spoke with her and Niels after the show, and they both said not only was the timing of her speech inappropriate, they had no idea what she was saying! It was a very emotional moment, especially for Jennylee, knowing that she had to say goodbye to Nate right then and there, and yet for some reason, Cecille decided it was the proper time for her to make some sort of victory declaration. And although Niels didn't waste a second before telling me Cecille is crazy, Jennylee says she's still in touch with her and there are no hard feelings.

From Marcus in Lubbock, Texas: Are Nate and Jennylee from B&G still together?
Jennylee said they talk all the time. Unfortunately, he's at Harvard, finishing school, and she's in L.A., so they haven't been able to see each other, but the whole cast is reuniting in Vegas on Feb. 21, so they'll have a lovers rendezvous. By the way, the Beauty and the Geek cast is celebrating the reunion at Tao and are extending the invitation to you fans. Jennylee said they're dying to meet as many viewers as possible.

From Emilio in Oklahoma City: Smallville just keeps getting better and better this season. Some Smallville scoop, please!
I just got off the phone with sexy Lexy—yes, Michael Rosenbaum—and he had much to tell me about this week's episode, which is also his directorial debut! Stand by for a full-blown column item with some interesting Sville dish.

From Melissa in Royal Oak, Michigan: Any updates on who is going to be in the new Dancing with the Stars cast? Also, your new video show was good, but are you still going to have written columns online? I usually check this out at work and it's harder to get away with watching a video.
If you noticed that my last DWTS scoopage mysteriously disappeared from the site, you might have an inkling as to how seriously ABC is taking any reveal of information before they announce the cast. So, for now, mum's the word. (And yes, one of the dancers will be a mum!) As for the written columns, of course! I'll still be doing these chats and all the other written content in my column. The Vine show is just an added bonus.

SPOILER SECTION (Warning: Future plotlines ahead!)

From Jaime in New Brunswick, Canada: I can't eat, sleep, think... Please tell me it is not Derek or Meredith who is really dead, for good, on Grey's!
I know some of you are incredibly annoyed that in this week's Vine show, I teased that there is a death and didn't say who it is, but trust me, I will just be ruining things for you if I tell you that! (Not to mention, I'm sure I'll be banned from covering all ABC shows for all of eternity, and, well, how would I be able to stalk Joshie and Foxy?) What I can tell you is that (1) there is a death this week, (2) there is another death next week, and (3) one of those deaths will stick.

From Marcia in São Paulo, Brazil: My husband is going to spend Valentine's Day working in Germany: won't you give me some scoop about Addison as a consolation prize? Thanks!
Óla! Disculpe que o meu Portuguese e tan huim. Mas, eu se que Addison vai tener sexo con un homen muito bonito! Que caliente, no? For you English speakers, here's your translation: Addison's gonna have sexy time very soon with someone! But it's not whom I want her to have it with (and I think most of you agree). Hmph.

From Deborah in Portland, Oregon: On CSI: Miami, what's the deal with Delko dying? The TV listings say, "One of the CSI team members dies from a gunshot wound to the head." Obviously it is Delko, since he was shot in the head last week. Why is Adam Rodriguez leaving the show?
A reliable source tells me this regarding Delko: "He's fine." So...I'm at a loss. You?

From Joanna in Phoenix: Please, Lost dish!
Remember that whole crazy cliffhanger with Penelope "Penny" Widmore and the Portuguese-speaking dudes in the Hatchcicle? Well, you're gonna get some answers very soon, from what I hear!

From Mary in Oswego, New York: Please, please, please tell me Zach Young on Desperate Housewives isn't going to impregnate Gabrielle and force her into a relationship with him or something!
Ha! Don't worry, Mary. Although Zach's got a few more tricks up his sleeve, Gabi will be happily dating another dude within a few weeks. And here's the big shocker—he is over 18!

From Erica in Asheville, North Carolina: I love Ugly Betty, but my favorite characters are Amanda and Marc! Can you give me some scoop on them?
Surely! (But only 'cause I wuv them, too.) In the next month or so, we will finally be meeting Marc's mommy, who happens to be incredibly judgmental and has no clue Marc is gay. As for Amanda, I'm hearing that an insanely hot Indian fashion designer will be coming into her life very soon and sticking around for a tiny bit.

From Jackie in Birmingham, Michigan: I know you said Six Degrees is coming back, but I haven't heard anything since! Is it still happening?
Though it doesn't have an official premiere date, I can tell you they are still shooting as we speak—so hopefully we'll get to see those new eps this season. I'm also hearing a bit of storyline scoop: Apparently Mae's true identity is revealed publicly, and it gets quite a bit of media attention.

From Erin in Warren, Rhode Island: I'm thrilled that you've made it okay for all of us smart, sassy "seniors" to admit our secret love for Kim Possible. (I'm 36 and a fan.) But Kim and Ron together? It's like having Buffy date Xander—just wrong! Any chance they'll put a stake in this relationship before it goes much further?
Sounded to me like Kim and Ron were headed more toward immortality. Sorry. I actually think Kim and Ron are adorable together, although I, myself, have a secret thing for Coach Barkin. (Patrick Warburton makes my knees weak. Even animated Patrick Warburton!) I can tell you that Kim and Shego will be bonding—when Shego gets whacked with some magic mojo, and she and Kim totally become BFF! (Keego 4 EVA!!)

From Robyn in Worthington, Ohio: Poor Nora Walker! She is lonely and needs a man! Tell me Treat Williams is coming back to Brothers & Sisters to save her!
As of right now, there are no plans for Treat to return. However, Nora's love life could be looking up! I'm hearing she enrolls in a college class or two to quell the boredom, and I'm told one of her instructors is going to be quite attractive! They definitely hit it off.

From Diana: I love Lincoln Heights! Charles is sooo hot!
I know! I actually ran into Charles himself, the sooo hot Robert Adamson (in the company of his equally hot brother, Dustin!), at lunch last Friday, and he said about tonight's Charles-Cassie (Classie?) hookup, "Monday's the big one!" It's gonna be so good!

From Kateway: Please give us some news on Battlestar Galactica!
A source tells me that with the Cylons and the humans backing off the total war for a little while, "Attention turns inward to focus more on the trials and tribulations of life as members of the ragtag fleet. Overcrowding, racial tension, marital conflict..." Good times!

From Mena in Los Angeles: I read Shane West was just cast in the Fox pilot Supreme Courtships. Please tell me he's not leaving ER. I've been waiting a year for Ray and Neela to get together!
Sad news. I'm hearing from sources that Shane isn't expected to stay on ER after the May finale. Those producers better do some Ray-Neela hanky-panky pronto, no? Although, then we need someone else to keep Stamos warm. Hmmm…Let me think. I know there's an answer to this one…

From Maria in Oslo: Please, one more thing on Grey's! Anything!
Callie has a big secret. Big. Guesses? Comment below!

Okay, gang, that's all she wrote for today. If you have questions—or a hot tip!—click the Ask Kristin button at the left, then check back in Monday's Vine show and next Tuesday's chat to see if it's answered. Thanks for playing, and...

Happy Tubing! >[]


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