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Just another reason to love Jenji Kohan, the brilliant and über-creative mastermind behind Showtime's Weeds: She has no clue what she's doing. Or, more specifically, she has no clue what she's doing next, which is one of the reasons this Showtime series continues to be so unpredictable and fantastic, and up for three Emmys this Sunday.


Don't read if you haven't seen it yet, but Monday's season finale was one of the most gasp-worthy episodes of television all season long—Nancy's pregnant?! With the baby of the man who wants to kill her?!—and we asked (OK, begged) Jenji to shed some light on it all.

Here's what she tells us...

First of all, good luck on Sunday and congrats on your three Emmy noms for Weeds. Regarding Mary-Louise Parker's nod, what do you think it is that keeps the voters voting for her?
She's brilliant at what she does. And that face. That face that can register a thousand emotions in a minute. So expressive, so in depth, so amazing. And she just inhabits this character. We believe her. We feel with her. She's remarkable.

But she's also morally ambiguous. So...Is Nancy really pregnant with Esteban's baby, or is she a liar liar pants on fire?

If yes, she's pregnant, was it intentional that she hasn't been shown drinking her signature caffeine lately (which pregnant women are advised to limit)?
Perhaps so.

Should we be concerned about the consquences of that crazy drug trip on her pregnancy?
Mmmm. Maybe.

Given how abusive Celia has always been to Dean, how likely is it that he'll actually pony up the ransom money for her to Quinn?
I don't think Quinn is aware of the current state of her parents' relationship. She may not know that her parents have split and her father may not be so forthcoming with the cash.

Andy realized he's in love with Nancy. Nancy's with a drug kingpin. Does he pine away quietly, or will he act on his feelings in season five?
We'll have to see in season five.

Doug has just about hit rock bottom. Is there a way forward for him?
Sure. When you hit bottom, there's no where to go but up, right?

Do the Botwin boys have a future in marijuana? Shane has set himself up as a dealer, and Silas wants to be a professional grower. Could they succeed where their mother failed?
Oh, they're young. Who knows what the future holds. I certainly think they could learn from their mother's mistakes. But that doesn't mean they won't make their own.

One last thing: You rock and thank you for this season.
Thank you so much. Sorry I couldn't be more forthcoming, but truthfully, when we conclude a season we don't necessarily know where we're headed next season. We figure, if we know where we're going, then the audience will know too, and that's not what we want. So we write ourselves into a corner, take some time off, and then come back and say, "What the hell do we do now? How do we get out of this mess?"

Gosh but I love me some Jenji Kohan. Got any comments you'd like to share on the Weeds finale? At first I was sure she was lying, and then I was persuaded she was telling the truth, and now I've decided to be firmly confused. What's your take on Nancy's reveal?

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