Cindy McCain

NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

Politics, thy name is People magazine. Certainly don't need any "insider" info to put that one together. Oh, and as long as we're on what does and does not constitute for knowledgeable sources, I'm simply loving this notion by some on the Awful Truth boards (best raucous reading around since Defamer first hit the scene!) that all my Washington info's being culled from obscure sites by E! interns. Hysterical.

Yeah, texting Awful wannabes are who first told me Laura Bush was hugely pissed that Dubya was drinking again—enough to ditch his ass for a bit—long before it hit the tabloids. Such creative dissing notions you commenting hons come up with, truly.

Back to the really creative one here: Cindy McCain.

That whitewash job People just did on her family, complete with unquestioned quotes from John McCain about how "what happens in our family stays in our family."

Oh, really?

Then, why are People editors allowed to discuss Cindy's infamous drug-addiction history—but only running her side of what happened? "[McCain] became addicted to painkillers, some of which she swiped from a medical charity she founded," bomb-drops People, with no further explanation.

What the Time rag neglected to mention was that a member of that organization, the American Voluntary Medical Team, was preparing to out his boss, Cindy, who deftly decided to beat him to the punch and hold a press conference, totally David Duchovny-esque. And this is only the tip of what machinations that bleached babe's been up to, trust me.

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