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With all the fall TV premieres (some fab, like Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl, some maybe not so much like 90210) hovering, it feels a little bit like a twisted version of Christmas and Hanukkah out here in H'wood. We caught up with some Brothers & Sisters stars, Sarah Jane Morris and Emily VanCamp, at the Pink do last weekend. Babes are deep into filming right now. 'Course, Bro & Sis is the show Balthazar Getty is also on, ya know, the dude Sienna Miller stole from his wife and kids. Such cojones that one has! I mean Getty, not Sienna. What kind of fool would embark on a relationship Wurlitzer like that and not expect to be singing the blues pretty soon, huh?

While B.G. and Sienna spent most of the summer flaunting their politically incorrect, rather Brangelina-esque love (if you could call it that), we asked the Sis gals what it's been like back at work with that kinda kinky sitch hanging around the joint.

"Everyone's very professional; it's a professional work environment," a glammed-up Sarah defended, somewhat convincingly. Em added that the set's full of "incredible people, and incredible talent."

So actors' personal dramas, like Getty's, don't get in the way in such a close work environment? "No," Ms Morris said quickly, obviously eager to change the subject.

And Emily attempted to be PC by gabbin': "We all try to support each the end of the day it's a professional job, and we try to stay professional, at least I do, anyhow, and try and keep my thoughts to myself...I'm being so diplomatic! It's so not me!"

Uh, yeah, nor us! Love to hear what Emily really thought. But you know what? I think we just did.

—Additional sense and sass by Taryn Ryder

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